Small Medkit

Small Medkit
Size 1 (3 structural components), 7 slot capacity
Healing (Tool): TN 5, 10% Chemical, 10% Electronic, 10% Mechanical
Components needed: 3 Structural, 2 Chemical, 1 Mechanical
Construction TN: 6
7 of 7 slots used

A small medkit with a few basic tools: gauze, a few bandages, some mild drugs, styptic, disinfectant, and other such items. It provides a +2 bonus to medicine rolls to treat Light or Heavy wounds, and can be used 10 times before being depleted. It cannot be refilled, but is easy to make. It requires no electronic components but double (or two, in this case) chemical components. Each raise on the creation roll adds 2 uses in addition to any other effects.

NOTE: This item is built with non-standard rules! Talk to the GM before creating it.

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