Silver Strongirons

“Um… Excuse me…”

The matted, burly eyebrow cocked incredulously through the gap in the door as it looked at the scrawny young man standing before it.

“What’s a matter boy… You lost?”

“Um… no kind… uh… sir.” The young man coughed gently, hoping to hide the brief pause that was utilized before the word sir. “I’m here to deliver the dwarven bread you ordered from Strongirons’, sir.”

The silence hung in the air uncomfortably, fidgeting as it waited impatiently for the eyebrow covered eye to finish looking the boy up and down.

“Hmph. You don’t look like a dwarf, boy.”

“Um. Yes sir… I-I get that a lot actually…” The young man twisted around as he spoke to move the bag behind him up front. “They adopted me when I was very young. Don’t worry though, sir, my Mother and Father have taught me everything they know about cooking properly and the bread has been made the traditional dwarven way, Master Kreidoros. You may sample it if you still have any questions.”

The door closed briefly as several latches were undone before the well dressed dwarf stepped outside, a scrutinizing glare in his hard eyes. Reaching in the basket, he grabbed one of the loaves and brought it up to his nose to give it a quick and calculating sniff.

His eyes never leaving the increasingly nervous looking young man in front of him, he quickly slung the bread against the concrete wall.


“Hmph. Well I be.” Traces of a wan smile crossed the thick, whitening beard as he once more examined the unblemished bread. “Not a scratch on it. Seems it has just the right amount of iron in it. Rare to see dwarven bread baked properly.” His eyes focused back on the relieved looking face of the young man in front of him, his hand dusting off the bits of concrete dust from the bread before reaching into his pocket to pull the few bits of silver out.

“And you said you baked this, boy?”

“Oh! Y-yes sir. Father taught me the old family recipe himself.”

“Not bad. What did you say your name was again?”

“Silver sir.”

“Hmph. Good dwarf name. I was worried that Urgharn forgot his dwarven roots when he opened that food market for these land lovers, but I can see he hasn’t changed much at all. Seems Urgharn’s still a traditionalist at heart, that washed up old bilge rat.” Taking the basket from the young man’s hand and exchanging the coin for it, Master Kreidoros moved back into his house to continue the book-keeping he needed to do. “Tell him that he has my business, understood lad?”

“Y-yes sir, Master Kreidoros.”

As the door shut and the locks were bolted up once more, Silver let out a long sigh of relief. He had to admit he was nervous when his father told him to bake traditional dwarven iron bread for delivery to the Harbormaster, but apparently he had done it right.

“Thanks.” Silver murmured under his breath to the empty street, a grateful smile on his lips as he adjusted the tattered old bandana he had gotten as a gift from his father.

Chuckling to himself as he straightened back out, Silver Strongirons started on his way back home. He couldn’t wait to tell Urgharn how it went. After all, his father promised that if it went smoothly, he would give him the night off tonight. That woman pirate his father found washed up on shore when he was fishing, Lily, seemed like she was getting better after all. Silver had heard her talk to his parents that she was planning on going down to the Formidably Maid to look for work some time soon, and he was hoping that he could accompany her and listen to some good old fashion stories about the Hurricane King and the Pirate Council.

Breathing in the fresh salt air, Silver couldn’t help but smile. Tonight was going to be fun.

( Bonus song )


A young 15 year old boy who was raised by a family of dwarf cooks in Port Peril, Silver was abducted and press-ganged to serve aboard the pirate ship Wormwood under Captain Barnabas Harrigan one night when visiting the Formidably Maid with Liliana Masters.

Serving as cook's assistance to Fishguts, Silver strove to try and make good relations with the rest of the crew and keep out of trouble, showing a certain naivety and hopeful optimism to contrast the pirate life.

Through various events which included taking The Man's Promise, fighting Grindylows, and mutinying against Acting Captain Mister Plugg; he has become part of the crew of The Grishend under Captain Masters.

It has recently come to light that Silver apparently suffers from blackouts and conflicting memories, expressing surprise when told he turned into a large monstrous hulk that killed Mister Plugg during the mutiny. The reason for this has yet to be determined…

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