Siege City

A large city that was an important tactical location in the previous Mecha-Organa war. When the war ended, the two sides simply stayed put. They exist in relative harmony, though the two sides mostly keep to themselves.

The city commonly know as "Siege City" started as the Mecha city of Blackmoor. It was founded by the Dwarves in order to set up a costal city. Being close to the sea, Blackmoor became an important center of trade for Mecha operations. Blackmoor was a bustling City-State by the time the Second War began.
During the Second War, Organa forces realised that Blackmoor's large technology trade and it's proximity to the ocean made it an ideal source of rearmament and weapons development for the Mecha Legions. Thus began the long campaign to remove Blackmoor as an asset from the battlefield. Organa forces marched towards the city, fighting skirmish after skirmish until the were at Blackmoor's doorstep. When they arrived at the gates of the city they encountered enormous steel walls that had been built while Mecha Legions held the Organa back. They began a siege that would last till the end of the war.
While the Organa had managed to remove Blackmoor as an Mecha asset they were never able to penetrate the city's defenses and claim conquest over such a haven for Mecha people. This would have been a great achivement for moral and propaganda, but the Dwarves had tunnelled under the city and began sending in more defenders and food. This kept Blackmoor alive and the enemy from ever breaching her walls of steel.
When the Second War finally ended, Organa forces had dug in so deep for so long that they had built a functioning city outside the gates. The Signing at Gates, a formal treaty between the city and Organa siege, declared an end to hostilities and allowed the Organa to remain at what they were calling "Kardohta" (or House of War).

Today the two cities co-exist, working both as separate entities an a single city. It is a simultaneous reminder for the underlying distrust between the two enemies and their ability to work together.

Siege City is the base of operations for House Cyrine and House Gaius.

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