Siege Breakers

Originally formed during the besiegement of Blackmoor City (aka, Siege City) by Vago Knightshade, the rogue, and his wife Detxun, the assassin. Their first goal was to use their 'specializations' to aid in the defense of the city, and eventually the breaking of the siege. In the days following the armistice and with the Organa military setting up to stay; the group went through a radical change, with Vago changing the groups goals to now causing mayhem in the districts controlled by Organa.

Mecha authorities tend to view them with either envy or fear. Some with Envy due to the groups freedom to assault Organa. Some fear they will reignite the war.

Organa authorities view them as nothing less then terrorists.

Recently however their assaults on Organa have ceased, no one is exactly sure why that is.

Publicly Known Members:
Vago Knightshade, Male Human Rogue, Whereabouts Unknown.
Detxun Knightshade, Female Human Assassin, Whereabouts Unknown.
Crinsta (last name unknown), (Gender/Race Unknown) Assassin, Whereabouts Unknown.
Trinst "Goner" Blant, Male Gnome Rogue, Prison for crimes against House Gaius.

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