Ship Actions

While aboard The Wormwood, your character can take a number of actions in a given day.

Day Actions

You can take a day action during the time when your character is doing his or her assigned job. Available day actions are:

  • Work Diligently: Get a +4 bonus to your roll to complete your assigned task.
  • Influence an NPC: Use a social skill to influence an NPC.
  • Sneak: You can sneak around to examine a place on the ship briefly. Generally does not carry consequences and doesn't require any rolls.
  • Shop: You can visit Grok at the quartermaster's to shop for items.
  • Shirk: Shirking your duties gives you free time, but at the risk of getting caught and suffering punishment.

Night Actions

You can take one night action in the evening, plus up to two more during the night itself. If you take one or both of the latter, your character risks fatigue from lack of sleep.

  • Sleep: Sleep early to gain increased recovery.
  • Gamble: Play one of several games of chance with the rest of the crew.
  • Entertain: Use a Perform skill to entertain the rest of the crew.
  • Influence an NPC: Basically the same as during the day.
  • Sneak: Sneak around on the ship. Unlike during the day, it's assumed you are doing this for a longer period of time and in more detail. This option requires Stealth rolls and carries consequences for failure.
  • Steal: Attempt to steal from the quartermaster's or other location. This can carry severe penalties if you get caught.
  • Shop: SPECIAL — From Day 4 onwards, the PCs can go the quartermaster's at night to negotiate with Grok for items (such as the return of their equipment). This option is available only because of diplomatic action on Silver's part.

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