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Shiloh is a young woman, about mid 20s. Her mother was a syker and her father was a metal mage/junker. When Shiloh was first born, Helstrom tried to recruit her mom to go to war. Her mother refused, and a few weeks later, her dad returned home to find her dead and Shiloh crying. Her dad raised her up and he eventually joined the Sons of Sitgreaves, which operated in his area under the guise of a local Doctor Pepper plant. One day (Shiloh was 7), her dad took her to work with him because he was going to be there all day and did not want to leave her alone. That same day, the bombs fell.

Shiloh survived in the Dr. Pepper plant alone for awhile, since Dr. Pepper uses 23 flavors in their soda, most of which were foods. After that, she traveled to Junkyard and she met her surrogate father. She met him when she used her syker powers to manipulate the claw of an old claw machine she found in a bunch of junk to try to steal his wallet. He took her under his wing and she has looked upon him as a father ever since.

Life in Junkyard

Shiloh lives in a mechanic shop along side her second father, Redom. It is a fairly large building right off of junker row offering repairs for anything non junker made and also selling Red to sykers in the city. She can also be seen at the Salem Apartment Towers along side Tonka making repairs and cleaning up.


Does Shiloh seem to be a little reddish under the eyes and around her lips………?

Pictures, etc

A BETTER picture of Shiloh:

Shiloh sitting in the Salem Apartment Towers

Shiloh fixing a car
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