Sherman Marshall

Sherman Marshall was a Sergent in the Confederate military when he finally was discharged. Having joined in as a scout, Sherman often found himself on the business end of a rifle (hazard of following enemy troop movements). Though a generally stealthy man known amongst his peers to be an exceptional stalker, Sherman became ill. Not the kind of ill that eventually takes a man's life, but the kind that he will suffer with while he still lives. One day while out stalking the enemy, Sherman coughed at a rather untimely moment. He was standing outside a commander's tent whilst they where discussing strategies and future troop movement. Well, as you can probably imagine, this untimely and loud cough caught the attention of the men inside the tent. When the men came out to see who was outside, Sherman was seen by one of the Union commanders before he could make himself disappear. The camp was alerted that an intruder was in there midst, and our friend Sherman found himself running for his life. While fleeing, Sherman found himself to have been shot. But the wound wasn't life threatening, and he continued to limp along trying to get away. He finally found his scouting party who covered his farther retreat back to camp. His scouting party had known of Sherman's tendencies to be extra curious and quite impulsive, but the trouble he found that day was by far the worst they had seen. After returning to camp and having his wounds treated, Sherman shared what he had heard the Union commanders talking about. Even though the information had been crucial to the victory in battle that followed a few days later, his commanding officers decided that it was best if his curious and impulsive ways where put on artillery(also hoping that they could keep him alive while he healed up). After several months on artillery, Sherman went against orders and shot into the fray of combat, killing several of his companions as well as a very significant number of enemy troops. After firing his cannon that day, our friend grabbed his rifle and ran into the fight. With the battle over, and many men wounded and many more dead, Sherman asked to be transferred to become a surgeon. His commanders didn't really like this idea, but after him having been a deciding factor in several battles, they granted him his request. This was about the time of the Reckoning. While working as a battlefield medic/surgeon, Sherman became interested in the occult. He was seeing all manner of horrible creatures and magics while on the battle field and while traveling. He knew he needed to know as much as he could about these things if he was to help the solders wounded by these things. A few years later, Sherman was discharged from service. He decided to go out west and mine for a while, which is where he found a small fortune. But impulsiveness caused him to spend it all on some shinny new mad science gear, like and armored duster and hat. Last I heard of him, he had decided to hire himself out as a bodyguard to some rich guy from England with some traveling museum. Hope that bastard doesn't get himself killed while doing that…

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