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Some sort of disease struck the other survivors. Doc tried for a while to save them, and used some of his Syker powers to weaken the disease. Still, it was a temporary measure only.

We investigated the roof and I kited some plant creatures into some little dinosaur creatures, and they destroyed each other. We met a mad doctor who was a servitor; we took his head and asked him some questions, but he was difficult about it (of course).

Later, we went back upstairs, but the doctor took my idea and kited some werewolves up to us. I stood in the doorway while Doc and Ricky fired rifles; I got out of it without too much damage, and the two werewolves were killed.

We decided to work our way down each floor of the hotel, trying to find whatever information we could. The 5th floor had several strange looking doors. One of them was covered with mildew; inside, we saw what looked like a bloated corpse in the bathroom that tried to rush out at us, but it vanished. In another room covered with dust, we saw a family of skeletons in a 1940's era room; they appeared to simply be resting, and we left without disturbing them. Finally, in another room, we glimpsed a manitou hiding out; we spoke with him and Doc examined his mind. We then heard growling and the manitou tried to leave, though I struck him down in the process. The growling was coming from some invisible hellhounds, which we defeated without much trouble.

The fourth floor looked a bit like a prison. We found a Sob Sister in the first room, which could have been disastrous…Doc tossed her some chocolate and that eased her suffering enough for us to leave. We tried to investigate the rest of the floor, but heard a crashing sound behind us; the room that the Sob Sister was in had been trashed. We went inside and I looked around with my mirror, and saw a hulking form in it; this creature then appeared in the room. He was known as "The Jailor" and tried to get us to come with him. Naturally, we refused, and a battle ensued. Doc got badly hurt; I walked away with little injury. Afterwards, we went back up to our room to rest and recover for a while.

After some discussion, we decided that destroying the swastika powering the portal would just destabilize it. The full moon was looming, so we decided to just wait out the night. After a trip to a gas station to buy some delicious supplies, we settled in.

There were only a few other guests in the hotel at the time, and when the supernatural stuff started happening they predictably were scared shitless. After a couple of misunderstandings with the ghost Alice, we tried to lead everyone out, but the portal consumed most of the lobby. We all hunkered down on the top floor, dealing with a number of supernatural critters as the night wore on. Unable to decide what to do next, some advice from the preacher's manitou pointed us to interrogating some of the evil inhabitants of the hotel…

We tried to listen to the spies in the dining room, but weren't getting much. We finally decided to have Ricky ghost into their room — a plan that would have worked if he hadn't found a glove with a button on it and pushed it, inadvertently firing a shot. The whole place was in an uproar.

We later figured out that the two Germans were just the front. They had additional help in the laundry room, posing as workers. Gran gave us something to silence the sound of the battle, and we went in and defeated them handily. Afterwards, we went down into the altar room to prepare for the arrival of the other two Germans. They incapacitated us and the ritual that the Whateleys were trying to do went off, but wound up killing Jimmy — that was how he died.

Upon leaving, we discovered that we had been transported to 1993, and were in the hotel just a short time before a hellstorm was about to roll in.

After spinning our wheels for a while, we finally confronted Nick in the basement room, where he was standing with Gran. He wanted to use blood magic to restore her, and we naturally said no. A fight ensued; we beat him, but his blood started to power the altar. Ted tried to lock us in, but I held him at gunpoint and he let us out. I grabbed Gran and we all escaped after Doc stabbed Ted with a bayonet in the head. We ran away to a church, at Doc's suggestion. The priest wasn't too happy about Ricky being there, but I asked him for help with Gran. He tried and failed to fix her, but Doc spent a long time with her and was finally able to snap her out of it. Gran woke up and seemed fine.

We went back into the church to see "Ricky" pointing his gun at the priest. I drew down on him and said I'd put a consecrated round in his head if he tried. It was tense, but the manitou eventually backed down and relinquished control. After talking to Gran, she suggested that we were in some kind of time echo, and were taking the place of heroes that had done great things in the past.

We left the church and headed back to the lobby of the hotel. When we got there, we time shifted again, to 1942. We spoke to the guy at the desk and Gran made something up to determine the year. While heading upstairs, we saw a couple of obviously German guys. Gran greeted them with a traditional "Gutentag" and they responded favorably — demonstrating that they were probably German spies. We went upstairs and prepared to investigate…

In "1909" we explored the Sorento and found an evil altar in the basement. It was a Whateley thing, apparently. After opening the door to the room it was in to kill the cultists inside, we "time shifted" to 1921. Dynamiting the altar put us in the 1970's.

We aren't sure if anything we do really matters; we could be spectators or not. Gran is there, but she is perpetually in a coma. Not really sure how to proceed.

Gran got kidnapped. I found the Gagman in her house and filled him full of lead, but that of course didn't kill him. We managed to track them into Seattle, and navigated the Deadland. The vehicles died, but we continued on foot to an old hotel called the Sorento.

We went inside, but a strange thing happened — the floor collapsed in an odd way, and we woke up at what appeared to be the 1909 world's fair in Seattle…

We climbed the mountain, went into the old mining tunnels, and used the foam gun to start channeling the water through the right place. We were attacked by pieces of lake as we have been many times before, but we fought them off. We finally planted the explosives and got out after the lake tried to block us in with mud (we blew that away too). The lake came pouring out of the hole and into the surrounding countryside, completely clean. We could hear the lake gurgling and dying for a good hour, which was very unnerving to hear.

We went back to Burning Skies, who was unconscious and barely alive. We gave him some "medical treatment" to bring him back from the brink, then took him back to North Bend. He meditated for a while while we prepared to enter the spirit world. Once he was done, we were all put in a guarded room, since our bodies would be entirely vulnerable. We then entered the hunting grounds with the help of Burning Skies.

It was, as expected, a surreal experience. My dad's gun brought back very clear memories of him when I held it, and I remembered that he said "tell them I'm just going to Seattle for supplies" before he left for the last time. My Schattenjager dagger glowed brightly. Burning Skies' guardian spirit, Tarshell, led us to the proper location. The preacher apparently had a small manitou attached to him that he failed to mention before, as well.

Once we got to the lake, we began to do battle with the spirit. Doc and Ryan destroyed it's torso, but it kept coming and spawned more minions. We initially appeared to be winning by a landslide, but it fought back with a vengeance and unfortunately killed Ricky dead with a flurry of attacks. We started to focus on its head. I put a consecrated .45 round through it which did considerable damage, then Doc finished the spirit off.

Once cleansed, the spirit of the lake took on a more "friendly" form. Ricky's spirit reunited with his father, and we each had our own paths to walk to claim our own chosen version of arcane power. I was only vaguely aware of what was happening to Doc and Ryan, but on my path was the three-headed dragon that had been watching me from the hunting grounds. It asked me if I wished to be Schattenjager, and I accepted. The purifying flames engulfed me, and then a sword appeared in my hand, which I used to slay the dragon. It shrunk down into a twisted image of me, then vanished to nothing.

After that, I woke up, the sword by my side. We were still in the room, except for Burning Skies (who we later found out had died). We'd been out for 14 days, and everyone was ecstatic to see us alive. Emmy, Mike, and Malcolm wisely decided to keep Ricky's fate a secret from the rest of the town. The Gagman apparently came every day to see how we were doing (and was chased off by the guards).

And now, we hunt the Jokers…

The black water managed to get in through the young guys who got sick. It killed most of the crops. A mob formed, and nearly got out of hand; shot my rifle into the air and addressed them, trying to calm them down as much as I could. We found out the black water could get into canned goods if there was any kind of hole at all, and we demonstrated that to the townies.

After that was over we devised a plan to get the black water through the filter. We had to make a run out to a storage warehouse owned by Mike to get a foam gun, the type used in construction projects before the war; the trip out there wasn't too bad, but on the way back we were assaulted by the Jokers. I took a few grazing hits and the sedan got shot up so bad it was nearly disabled. The Gagman lobbed a grenade at us too, and that didn't feel good. We made it back, the sedan limping back into North Bend.

After Doc and Fingers got some basic training on the foam gun's use, Gran spoke to all of us individually. I don't know what she told everyone else, but she tried (and mostly failed) to explain the hunting grounds to me, and then told me more about the history of the Schattenjagers. Finally, she told me that my dad was still alive, or at least "still walking the earth." She seemed pretty sure of that. Maybe when this is all over I'll have time to look for him.

We made a trip to the local fire station to get a fire engine and the pump it contained. We got it back safely, though the pump was in questionable shape and the Grifters are working around the clock to get it going again.

On our way back, a duplicate of the Gagman appeared in front of us on the road. Doc hit the gas on the fire engine and ran him down, but it turned out be useless.

Later, legendary hunter Gunter Jurgenson visited to lead a hunt for food. It was successful; our group was then invited to go with him to get some wendigoes. We took down two of them — fliers — and then were chased back to North Bend by a number of wendigoes and wolflings. We killed or eluded all of them, making the trip a successful one.

Ricky and I stayed up top with the crane lift while Doc and the preacher went down into the mine. The hole was creepy looking and was thick with fear. It turns out there was a small part of a vein of ghost rock in there, but Doc and preach had to fight something that sounded an awful lot like an automaton that was probably trapped down there. There was quite a gunfight, but they came out on top.

Just before it was time to pull up the crane, one of the Grifters approached me and asked for me to give a message to Emmy. Apparently they were scared to death of the Jokers and wanted to ally with North Bend to protect themselves. Emmy eventually wound up saying yes since the town was running low on fighters. I wound up with a new piston for my old motorcycle.

Anyway, we got our ghost rock, made a trip to a local hardware store where we met a weird Junker, and then came back to North Bend just in time for the town to be attacked by the Jokers. We repelled the attack with not-terrible losses.

Afterwards, I got my bike running again, and the Grifters did some additional work on it. It looks great now, and runs perfectly. It's nice to have it working again.

We decided to head to the mineshaft where Burning Skies was to bring him some supplies. The trip was mostly uneventful, but creepy as usual. It looks like he is doing okay, all things considered. The black water apparently knows of our plans.

Afterwards, we prepared to go to a mine that involved driving almost halfway to Leavenworth. After a hike through the woods where we saw what was probably a wendigo, we found the mine. It was basically a big black hole in the ground with a crane nearby; the crane's motor had a questionable oil pump on it. I'm going to stay up top and try and keep the thing working if it goes out while the rest go down the shaft. Incidentally, it's about 250 yards deep, and we saw something move down there when I was examining it with the night vision scope…

Since the crops were destroyed in the storm and North Bend had no more seeds to plant, Emmy sent us to Leavenworth with a 55 gallon drum of ethanol to trade for more seeds to plant. On the way, we suffered a flat tire and had to go back to an older wreck to get a spare. On the way, we encountered a Nightstalker, a deadly monster that will unravel you if you look it in the eye. On the way there we snuck away, but after we got the tires and were heading back, it saw us. We didn't look it in the eye, and it followed us closely for a while. Eventually it got tired of messing with us an wandered off.

At Leavenworth, I was easily accepted, thanks to my family name and German heritage. Mathias went to make deals with a shady person, both the night we arrived and the next day. The ethanol (with my help) got us plenty of seeds to take home. While we were there we engaged various trading to get equipment that we wanted. With our new stuff, we headed home, suffering no problems on the way back.

Once home, we went to the hospital to test our ghost rock filter. That wound up working, but we wound up fighting some walkin' dead there. When they were put down, the black water seeped into them and revived them — order their heads, anyway. The water put some kind of radioactive stuff in the craniums, and they started floating up and biting us. We put them down with fairly minimal injury.

On our way back, we found Henry lying on the road, wounded (right after meeting a mysterious stranger…). He had been stabbed over a dozen times. We took him back to his house and tried to nurse him back to health, but the stranger was already there and got his hands on Samantha. She was pretty traumatized, but by the time the next morning rolled around, Henry looked like he was recovering. Mathias wasn't so lucky, however. He decided to go back to North bend alone to return a suitcase to Sleeves, but he never made it. The knife-wielding psychopath killed him on the way.

The black water reached out and surrounded Burning Skies, but it hardened and cracked when it came into contact with his body. He managed to create some kind of plug in the shaft so the black water would not be able to escape from there. After fighting in a spiritual battle with the help of some members of the posse, he emerged victorious, having made a deal. So long as he remained in the mine shaft, the black water could not leave either. Basically the same deal as the Old Ones made with the Hunting Grounds long ago.

Seeing an approaching storm, the posse headed back to North Bend and arrived to see most of the populace feasting on a quantity of spam that someone found. Unfortunately the storm canceled the festivities, and the Thunderspawn floating in the storm made it worse. The creatures reached down with tentacles to grab townsfolk. The posse started fighting back, and managed to take down five of them after blowing a considerable amount of ammo in the process.

The storm continued to rage, and the Doc went out, barely managing to fight the force of the winds to retrieve three people. I went out after him with a rope that the people inside the house held onto. When I reached Doc, I tied the rope to the victims just as a deadly lightning bolt struck right next to us, dealing minor to serious damage to the five of us. With the help of the people inside the house, we managed to get back inside, with everyone alive.

After rebuilding the wall, we sorted through the papers from the mining office and found the location of a mining camp that was sitting near a back entrance to the mine. This particular tunnel was submerged. Burning Skies wanted to examine the black water more closely.

Since it was close to the lake, this trip involved spending a substantial amount of time in a Deadland. Once we got to the mining camp, we found it mostly wrecked and full of wolflings. After dispatching about half a dozen of them with minimal losses, we were attacked by a wendigo. It took a lot of firepower to put down, but we finally managed to do it. Almost everyone in the group (aside from me and the Doc) suddenly entered into a feeding frenzy on the corpse, devouring it's flesh raw on the promise of some kind of arcane power. I found this to be fucking disgusting and now question the judgment of a good chunk of the posse.

Regardless, we went into the tunnel afterwards with Burning Skies leading the way. He leaned down over the black water and…

We shot the doomsayer dead. We later found out that it was Stripes (and Eric too — he was a double agent!) but that he could only be killed after the REAL Stripes' arms were destroyed. Leading up to that we fought off a few muties (the Gamma Boys) and escaped into the suburbs. Later on we had a number of talks with Emmy, "Eric", and a Lector/Hekant combo as the tension between North Bend and mutie town heated up.

In the end, it was revealed that Eric and Stripes were the same person, that he was a servitor, and that he loved to cause muties and humans to fight. Sleeves managed to destroy the arms of Eric's REAL brother (who was long dead) and that allowed us to kill Eric/Stripes for good. North Bend was badly damaged in the fight, with one whole wall crumbling. The two communities came together in the chaos though, and now North Bend is truly united.

After getting a "survival kit" from Henry which contained a number of monster-hunting items, we set out to find Burning Skies. We found a Joker ambush site along the way, but we didn't mess with it until we were on our way back. We went through a forest that was a Deadland, and a highway, and finally made it to our destination. Burning Skies was a decent enough guy, and we managed to get him back safely (after bribing some gangers with a candy bar and fighting off a couple of Joker raiders).

When we got back, we found that North Bend was under siege by what looked like a road gang. They were all mutants, some of them from mutie-town. After a quick jaunt there to see what was happening, myself and Mathias saw the leader step out; he was wearing the green robes of a doomsayer and demanding that the one in the purple robes come out. The two of us took aim, and it looked like we blew his head clean off…

We got back to the compound and traded the car to the town in exchange for a few police vests. Shortly after, we headed out to the Linden-Howell mining company office, with a side-mission from Emmy to get some books from the nearby library. We did so; the library had some interesting things but nothing really special. The office on the other hand had some black water in it. Ricky climbed to the second floor and threw papers out of the window furiously just before some black-goo creatures attacked us. They didn't have much in the way of anatomy and bullets seemed to be less effective against them. Ryan got beat up by them but the rest of us were relatively okay after the fight was over. The building was not; the mass of black water inside actually damaged a support and took down the whole place.

The documents were useful, noting the location of a well that leads directly into the water table as well as some background information on the mine and the public outcry against it. The company drew the ire of the Snoqualmie indians in the area, as they defiled "sacred" ground when they were digging it.

Afterwards, Emmy asked us to take a bit of a road trip and find a man called "Burning Skies." At 400 miles round trip, this was no small undertaking. Emmy is presently brewing up the ethanol to fuel the sedan.

Finally, Viktoria (and most everyone else in the group) went to Gran's house to talk about a few things. Her responses to Viktoria's questions were mostly "we need to talk in private later."

We killed all the zombies on the second floor of the hospital. It wasn't quite as bad as we originally thought; one of them was carrying a pistol, and we put him down pretty quickly. The real problem was the third floor, where five of the bastards attacked us with assault rifles and a grenade. I barely managed to take down the grenade-carrier before it tossed it our way. We finally got the chemicals and made it back home.

A preacher came into town after having been kicked out of mutie town for being aggressive when trying to enter. We don't really know his true intentions yet.

We went back to the hospital because we thought the shadow we saw there initially may have been someone the preacher was looking for. Doc wound up tossing a molotov at a pool of the black water and setting it on fire; this did nothing but cause some black rain later. The lake of black tears is apparently alive, and the black water seems to hate unmutated humans. We were going to go to the Linden-Howell mining company office, but some of our team was unavailable, so the rest of us went on a scavenging expedition instead. After getting a sedan from a pseudo-friendly ghost (and nearly getting shot by a random survivor in a house), we got a few items from a vine-covered house and prepared to head home.

Well, I can't say I've ever been caught by slavers (or really even seen them around here), but it happened. Not an experience that I'm looking to repeat, for sure. Found out that Henry is more of a badass than I thought. He pretty much saved us all single-handedly.

I went hunting once we got back. Went hungry this time, though. So it goes.

Emmy wanted some of us to go to the hospital to find some kind of chemicals. I decided to go since the hunting was bad (plus the chance for some salvage). Some strange sort of oozing zombies attacked us in the parking lot, but we put them down with only relatively minor injuries. We made it inside and were trying to get past a pack of walkin' dead on the second floor, but they heard Mathias, and rushed to attack us.

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