Session Summaries By Mathias

-It is very interesting how you meet people. I met several new people recently while we were imprisoned in the back of a garbage truck belonging to slavers. Viktoria (my hunting partner) and I were kidnapped along with a preacher named Ryan, Doc Brown and little kid named Ricky. Oh and a little mutie girl from down the road and Samantha, the town… uhhhhh Samantha. We were all saved by Samantha's husband Henry. The man is… well for now I will simply say interesting. I have made an effort not to disclose what he did to the locals, mostly for his sake. Suffice to say we are all fine and the little girl is back with her kind. We then set out sort of as a new ragtag group, except for Samantha and the little girl of course, to make a salvage run at the local hospital for the town "leader". For some reason we even brought Ricky… We will have to wait and see just how successful this venture will be.

-"And everything went better than expected". Apparently that is actually true sometimes. We made it out of the fight I accidentally brought on us in the hospital. Plus a few more issues in the same trip. All alive, with what we wanted, and some other things. I didn't die. I call that better than expected. At least after I pulled that unfortunate group.
Another run in with the muties. They attacked a clergyman of some kind when he tried to enter their camp to look for someone. The man strikes me oddly. But we brought him in as they had injured him.
Found something interesting at the hospital. Wasn't sure what it was but I did find out eventually. It was meth. Showed it to Emmie. And she told me to keep it. Which I find even more interesting than the fact I found it. But maybe most of all, it was new. Well not new, but not old. It had been made in the lab post bomb… This may be a thing to some people. A truly common thing. I suppose it is my military service. Maybe I never noticed. Hmmm…

Ze muties are starting to frustrate me. Apparently I also frustrate them. I suppose fair is fair. Sleeves (that's the one with the sleeveless hoodie) apparently knows what I call him. He doesn't like it. I don't really care. But I believe him to be causing trouble. Muties are doing something in ze bottom of ze library.
But for now zhey are not ze problem. Blackwater is. Wretched substance flat out attacked us at a mining company's offices. Accidentally brought ze whole building down on itself.
Gran made us muffins. And told us about deadlands, monsters and a little about viktoria's father. I like that old woman, even if she is German and a little odd. In her defense, everyone is a little odd at this point.
Emmy wants us to go on a trip. Past some very dangerous areas to find an Indian fellow. He is apparently good at control ze blackwater. Dangerous stuff. Comes from ze lake zhey drop ze bodies in. Must be contained every few years. Ze trip shall be interesting.

I zaid ze trip would be interesting. I was correct. We did find ze Indian gentleman and return him back to ze compound safely. But not easily. We were accosted by two road gangs. One Viktoria and Ryan managed to bribe. Quite successfully. The fascination with soda and candy bars is interesting. I have never been much for zhese things. But zhey are valuable. One of ze bandits told me my small supply of drugs I found is of considerable value. Could be quite useful. The other gang we ended up killing. Ze attacked and we defeated zhem. All in all we got back safely. Luckily.
Not so lucky is what we found on return. Ze compound is surrounded. I did some scouting and it is muties. But ze ones that seem aggressive aren't from around here. Possibly a gang. Zhey have one of the violent Doomsayers and a massive man with a hammer. I believe they are looking for Father Eric. We are going to attack zhem. Viktoria and I are going to try and drop the doomsayer quickly and cleanly. I hope zhis works

Best shot of my life. Not zhat it mattered much in ze long run. Blew the doomsayers head clean off. His big hulking friend freaked out. Gang went nuts and hunted us for hours. Never did find us. Long story short we found out Father Eric was full of crap. He was basically insane. He had killed his brother some time ago and was playing as himself and his brother to rally mutants. Town sustained some damage and loses but it could have been much worse. Henry kept the shaman safe. And we made new friends with two travelers who were hunting Eric. He was from zhere community and had killed several people.
We did manage to kill Eric a second time but not till he had nuked mutie town and our place. The new men sent Sleeves to mutie town to find a pair of arms, his brothers, he had kept with him. Zhey made him immortal. Sleeves burned zhem. We were able to kill him eventually.
It never really ends though. We now have less time to fix zhe blackwater problem… Here we go again.

It is often said you should zhink before you act. I apparently should zhink before I smoke. Burning Skies offered me his pipe and being zhe accommodating sort of fellow I am, I took it. Left me shaking for zhe rest of zhe day. Apparently he smokes spook juice infused tobacco. Heavy stuff. He offered us a drink of his spook juice later on and I sort of wish I had taken it. Zhe visions are… interesting.
Regardless, Eric delayed us enough dealing with the darkwater. Burning Skies managed to take what we had and sprayed around the compound. He believes we might be safe for maybe 6 months. So we set out to find zhe source of the water. We got info from zhe papers we got at the factory some time ago.
We gained two new companions recently. An asian business man and his bodyguard. Zhe business man managed to find us a location for zhe water source and a back entrance. His bodyguard is excellent in combat. We saw this fighting a wendigo. Now we head in to zhe cave and try and save zhe town.

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