Session Feedback Form

Session Feedback Form v2.0

Note: Please submit all session feedback to moc.liamg|kcabdeefsaret#moc.liamg|kcabdeefsaret and put (Your Real First Name) (Month-Day-Year) in the subject line — for example, "Fred 8-19-10". This e-mail is for feedbacks and responses to feedback exclusively.

Feedbacks are due the night of the game. Late feedbacks are worth no XP. Not turning in feedback makes you ineligible for RPAs for that session.

This is your opportunity to critique the game and offer your opinions, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Try to use enough detail to get your point across without being overly lengthy. In return for completing this, you'll gain some bonus experience. Your comments are for the GM's eyes only.

Player Name:
Character Name:

1. On a scale of one to ten, how much fun did you have (1 – Terrible, 5/6 – Average, 9-10 - Outstanding)?

2. Do you have comments on the usefulness of your character, the treasure being distributed, or the difficulty of the combats (ie, comments on rules-crunch)?

3. Do you have any comments about the plot, and do you think there is a good balance of encounter types (combat, roleplaying, other, etc)? Additionally, are there NPCs that you as a player particularly like or hate (ie, comments on non-rules fluff)?

4. Does your character have any short or long term goals at this time? Is there anything you would like to try to do to accomplish those goals?

5. What was the high point and the low point of the session for you? What could be done to improve the low point?

6. Do you have any other comments about the game? Anything you particularly liked or hated?

7. Which single player (who is not the GM) do you think roleplayed their character the best? This person will receive a roleplaying award (or RPA), which is a small amount of bonus experience.

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