Scythia Lethe Albia

My name Scythia Lethe Albia, of House Albia. Call me Lethe (pronounced, "Leeth"). We're based in Magnimar and we specialize in the study of the ancient Thassilonian empire. Our house has managed to pry some of the ancient arcane secrets out of the ruins; arcane magic is what I do, in fact. I'm a pretty decent wizard, if I do say so myself. I've been using arcane magic since I was a kid — I learned my first cantrip when I was nine. I've explored catacombs, temples, and all sorts of other places. I can fry goblins with lightning and freeze ogres solid with ice. One time, my group even took out a bunch of Thassilonian mummies!

Hey, you should take me seriously! I know I still look young, but I'm not a kid! I'll make a name for myself here and one day, I'll be the head of my house!

Previously, I ran around with a group of adventurers that explored the ruins, but they have since retired after a big score and now I'm looking for a new group. They were all quite a bit older than me, and I'm not ready to settle down yet! Personally, I think they gave up too soon. You can't stay on top if you rest on your laurels once you succeed. Besides, you never know what kinds of stuff you'll find around here. Some other members of my family have found some pretty nice Thassilonian rituals. I've even found a better version of the modern Lightning Bolt spell!

So yeah, you want me to join you? You won't regret it!

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