Scholar's Letter

Scholar Rusmes —

Have you managed to convince Lord Kutep of the folly of his plan to use power from the floating egg? This is insanity! Research of the past shows that all who make covenants with it fall into ruin. If this does not stop soon, I fear that something terrible will happen to our nation.

I suppose that for our own sakes we should deliver the report on our other research project. The test subjects infused with power from the egg are still unstable. There is currently a 50% rejection rate, and almost all of the rest last only a few days after the process is completed. Of the initial 94, only six were successful while 41 perished. In my professional opinion, this project is a waste of time and resources. We aren't even sure that we can control them after they are released.

In any case, I sincerely hope that you can convince Lord Kutep to cease his activities. If not…more drastic measures may need to be enacted.

— Scholar Meset

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