Sarah McClellan

I've spent my life hunting down creatures of the Devil. The Devil took my parents, or at least his minions did. Jesus gave me a choice right then: pick up my daddy's Winchester and use it, or come home and greet him face to face. I didn't think that I was done here on this Earth quite yet, so I picked up that Winchester in my ten year old hands and shot, then I blacked out. Father O'Cleary took me up and took me back to the church. He told me Jesus had decided to smile on me, and he taught me all about Jesus' blessings and the Devil's minions. Ever since I have been traveling the West looking to take out those creatures in the just and righteous name of our good Lord.

Some people may look down on a single Irish Cathloic woman travelling alone, but I don't listen to them. When Jesus tells me to do something, I do it. As of late, he's had me going out with the rail surveyors to help keep em safe and to help em keep their faith. I ain't afraid to shoot any man or woman that shoots me first, but usually some more pointed words can take care of that problem for me.

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