Sarah Johnson

History and Relationships
You are Sarah Johnson, a tomboy who grew up in Mount Pilot Virginia. You're parents were middle class and always pushing you to be a "proper young lady." You tend to think that all that proper stuff is a load of bullshit. You wear pants instead of dresses and have an aggressive attitude.

You've been friends with the younger Emily Knights for a long time. You tend to be the dominant one in the friendship, but you tend to encourage her to be less meek and more aggressive like you. You were always dragging her to caves and such, and occasionally managed to get in trouble with your parents.

At age eighteen, you went to college in Raleigh. You met several others there over the course of two years who shared your interests. The six of you made plans to explore all of the ancient places of the world, from old castles in England to the pyramids at Giza. Perhaps your dreams of finding treasure were delusions of granduer, but hell, you'd certainly have fun looking for it.

Edward Plunkett
He's a decent enough guy, but you sometimes wish he'd stop flirting with you. There's no way in hell you'd ever seriously date him.

James Garvey
He's Edward's best friend. You tend to like him more than Edward just because he isn't so damn boisterous. You wouldn't go out with him, but he's definitely a friend.

Ryu Shinjo
He's a quiet man from Japan. You like him, though sometimes his unusual ways are a bit weird to you. He can cook good Japanese food, too.

David Jackson
David is a priest and the oldest of your group. You might actually like to develop a relationship with him, but he usually doesn't respond to your flirting. You feel a little better knowing that he's around, because he has medical training.

Emily Knights
Emily has been your friend for many years. She tends to be very quiet, though. You always encourage her to be more aggressive. She's two years younger than you, but managed to get into college only one year after you. Emily is pretty smart; she's the brains of the group and knows a lot of obscure things.

The Basics
In comparison to the other characters, Sarah has:

Average hit points
Average melee fighting capability
Above average ranged fighting capability
A decent selection of skills
Average Sanity

Sarah begins the game with a Derringer, which is loaded with two .45 caliber rounds. She has four additional rounds, but use them sparingly.

Combat Tactics
Sarah is probably best served by choosing ranged attacks over melee attacks. Sarah has the Precise Shot feat, which will allow her to fire into a melee situation without the standard -4 penalty. Sarah also has Quick Draw and Quick Reload, which will allow her to draw a weapon or load a weapon as a free action, instead of a move action.

Sarah has the Two Weapon Fighting feat, which allows her to wield a weapon in each hand. Each weapon suffers a -4 penalty to attack rolls, unless the offhand weapon is a Light weapon, which reduces the penalty to -2 for each hand. Attacking with both hands is a Full Round Action, which means that if Sarah does this the only other thing she can do is take a 5-foot step.

Sarah's Point Blank Shot feat will allow her to get a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls if her target is within 30 feet (6 squares). Her Double Tap feat will allow her to take a -2 on her attack roll to add one additional die of damage to her damage result (ie, 3d6 damage instead of 2d6), though this will consume two bullets instead of one.

If Sarah will be entering a melee fight, she is proficient with Simple Weapons, which includes clubs, knives, and other basic weapons. She has the Weapon Finesse feat, which will allow her to use her Dexterity bonus instead of her Strength bonus to determine her melee attack roll bonus, but this only works with Light weapons.

Sarah has the Evasion ability, which means that she will take NO damage from an attack that allows a Reflex save, instead of the usual half. This means that things such as grenades and explosions will likely do no damage to Sarah.

Sarah's skills largely revolve around her Dexterity. She can Hide, Move Silently, Balance, and Tumble quite well. Tumble can be used to move through threatened squares without provoking Attacks of Opportunity (DC 15 + 2 per number of opponents greater than one), or to move through an enemy square (DC 20).

Sarah also has Disable Device, which will allow her to pick locks, disarm traps, and otherwise throw monkey wrenches into the workings of mechanical objects.

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