Ryu Shinjiu

History and Relationships
You were born in Japan, but your parents decided to move to Virginia when you were still a baby. You've grown up in America, but your parents have kept a certain amount of Japan in you. You enjoy Japanese food and you are a decent (though not spectacular) cook.

You started to study Japanese fighting styles when you were a child, and have since grow reasonably skilled. You carry your katana, Chuyo-tou, with you almost whereever you go. It once got you and your friends out of a tight spot when a gang in London tried to rob you.

At age eighteen, you went to college in Raleigh. You met several others there over the course of two years who shared your interests. The six of you made plans to explore all of the ancient places of the world, from old castles in England to the pyramids at Giza. Perhaps your dreams of finding treasure were delusions of granduer, but it would certainly be fun to simply search for it.

Edward Plunkett
He's a boisterous young man. You tend to think he's reckless sometimes, but he's a nice guy overall. His family is pretty well off. You see him constantly flirt with Sarah, but you realize that she is not interested.

Sarah Johnson
Sarah is a tomboy by both American and Japanese standards. Still, you like her well enough, and the two of you get along. Emily is her best friend, and you notice that she likes to encourage Emily to be more aggressive like she is.

James Garvey
Edward's best friend. James is quieter than Edward. You think he's a decent guy and he really seems to like your cooking.

David Jackson
He's the oldest of your group. David is a priest and a doctor, and because he's the oldest you tend to relate to him more because he is somewhat more mature than the rest of the group. You like having David around because of his knowledge of medicine.

Emily Knights
Emily is Sarah's best friend. She's very meek and quiet. You admire her knowledge of history. She's really the brains of the group, and you enjoy having her around.

The Basics
In comparison to the other characters, Ryu has:

Average hit points
Excellent melee fighting capability
Poor ranged fighting capability
A decent selection of skills
Average Sanity

Ryu begins the game with his katana, the Chuyo-Tou. This is one of the best weapons available and easily the best starting weapon among the entire group. In fact, Ryu probably won't want to use any other weapon.

Combat Tactics
Ryu is a much better melee combatant than he is at range. His katana allows him to do serious damage. Should he lose it, he can also perform unarmed attacks with his Combat Martial Arts feat, which make his unarmed attacks deal lethal damage and not provoke Attacks of Opportunity.

Ryu's Defensive Martial Arts feat lets him gain a +1 bonus to armor class against melee attacks.

Ryu has the Power Attack feat, which allows him to take a penalty of up to -2 to attack rolls and add an equal amount to his damage rolls. In the case of two-handed weapons, such as his katana, the damage bonus (but not the attack penalty) is doubled.

Ryu has the Agile Riposte feat, which allows him to designate a target in advance and, if that target should make a melee attack against him that misses, allows Ryu to instantly make a counter attack. This feat can only be used once per round. This only works against the target that Ryu designates in advance.

Ryu is not a good ranged combatant. He is not proficient with firearms, so he takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls with them. Any damage he would deal at range (say, with thrown weapons or such) is going to be fairly impotent compared to his awesome melee damage, so try to stick with melee attacks whenever possible.

Ryu has the Evasion ability, which means that he will take NO damage from an attack that allows a Reflex save, instead of the usual half. This means that things such as grenades and explosions will likely do no damage to Ryu.

Ryu has a decent selection of skills. He can Balance, Hide, Move Silently, Climb, Jump, Swim, and Tumble well. Tumble can be used to move through threatened squares without provoking Attacks of Opportunity (DC 15 + 2 per number of opponents greater than one), or to move through an enemy square (DC 20).

Should it be necessary, Ryu can use Sleight of Hand to perform minor feats of Dexterity (palming an object, hiding a small weapon on himself, and such).

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