Ryan Wolfwood


-I'm a preacher/ gunslinger , very devoted to his mission and wanted by all.
Ryan has a a history that is unknown to him and yet bothers him.

-Lets see to sum my life in the compound hmm well I was thrown in a garbage truck, I've been in arm length of a mutant. Oh ive been judged like horses … and where do they get of saying I'm TBD…… Well in this little unpleasent trip ive meet some interestin people…just hope I can be some help……
Well we are off for some supplies today ah 4 zombies …. No problem oh shit the scout found 12 this might hurt…..

- hmmm things are certainly interesting after getting the supplies we make our way back to the compound. All is safe for now…. until that morning when Father eric was past out outside our gate. Doc assisted Ricky and I questioned him …. He is looking for his brother ( a mutant. ) the way he described it was a tiger walking on two legs with stripes. We he has pissed of the mutants trying to barge in . Hmmm close eye on this one is a must….

Ok ok now the holy crap I just pissed my self when we got to the hospital looking for more suppljes and Fathers brother…. instead we find mutants and a zombie covered in this black crap that omg I almost had a heart attack. Well after regrouging we decide to check the roof and Ricky spots a huge huge pool of this blackwater stuff …. Ok I like the doc in all but I believe hes a pyro. He make a bomb out of the crap from the gas tanks and the LEFT over toilet paper ( 100 dollar bills lol ) . And poof ummmmmmm it burn and a face is in it ….. I think doc pissed it off.
Well we had an interestin chat with sleeves and noy the leader of our compound . IT LOOKS LIKE ITS EITHER WE FIGHT OR DIE NOW SO WE ARE OFF TO GET THE STUFF FOR THIS CONCOCTION. ALL I CAN SAY IS THE DOOR THR DOOR THIS GHOST SPOOKED US THE HELL OUT LOL, But we have a vehicle that runs and needs a tune up … let see what else we find out here.

-Ok well we got a car and traded it for 3 police vest. Well on our trip to town to dig up some info on this blackwater we got some interesting books from a library. And ok ok the day that doc doesnt come with us I get fucked up by so one eyed prikly water plant…… ugh im still feeling the pain….. but in all we learned that there is a well that we might be able to feed these chemicals into the blackwaters heart. Hmmmm but only time will tell ….but ummm umm does gran make some good muffins.

-Welll hmm so much has happened we get some supplies for our trip before we leave from Henry.. ( always there when you least expect it . ) And Father Eric gave he some holy water but henry says its retroactive , hmm maybe he is the doom sayer maybe …. oh well on our trip we get lucky and get to Olympia Park without any trouble and find the Shaman very easily but but on our way back we run into the Jokers and damn I almost lost my damn leg ugh just my rotten luck .
But we made some bandits at a toll very happy a soda and a candy bar. Well on arrival at the compound it looks like a green doomsayer is here for father Eric but ummmmm Frenchy and Victoria decide to blow his head offf oh shit. Time to pray.

Ok ok yes im a fool …. I I believed in Father eric …. but was betrayed we all was . Ok well we meet these two travelers and they told us the truth about eric. As we was listening a explosion happened and the whole south wall was destroyed. We engaged Eric and damn did I blow the grundy away. And wow did Frenchy almost get his head chopped off lol. ( damn )
Well praise Ricky he killed Eric blew his guts away. Ok ok well the village is in shambles but even the mutans are pulling together and helping us I believe we might be able to pull together and make it. But im starting to feel the glow …

Ok well everything is slowly getting back together as we pulled cars to the compound to build a wall on the south end. We informed Burning skyies that there was a rear entrance to the mining are ( lake of black tears ). Burning skyes insisted that we go. So we collected our gear and traveled … spooked the hell out hearing wolf noises we are in a deadlands. Well wondering if stuff is around us Burning Skies offeres me a drink of spoof juice. I held my ground with this shit but damn that shit wow. I saw demons and shit and a dragon of somewhat looking at victoria. Well my trip is over and im feeling a tad bit pestered from all the crap poking me. We slowly come apon some buildings taking out wolflings and a windago. I almost l8st an arm yet again lol. But hmmm if my knowledge serves me right eating this will give me a certain ability over cold …. and I was right yayalol but doc and victoria seem to be disgusted by it ….. meanwhile burning skies and the group with me following with a mouth full of windago …. go into the cave. And Burning skies said im going to poke the black water with a stick …. do what

Well im a little hung over from that … but im starting to think these people are going to kill me . But there is a method to my madness . Ok burning skies fights the black water o
n a spiritual level and is losing so I smokie and drink his shit giving him as much spirt I chan till I pass out .Oh I think I saw big foot or ricky did lol. So after I wake up burning skies makes a deal that if he stays with the black water there wont be any attacks unless we get to close. Um a almost hell storm and some i dont know what I just shot at it …… but doctor was able to save three people by a mircle from Aton Ra. I must speak to Girshwen.

Well aftervthe storm we went to get seeds from the local town. Ricky pulled a fast one on me and almost got me kicked out. On our way back we saw a strange man looking for a group of people. And as we left him we saw Henry on the ground passed out and bleeding . Doc patched him as I took guard . We made it to Henrys house and I spotted the robbed guy outside and I tried to connect with him and I aperently saw into darkness .. too close . But Frenchy left to warn the compound and he was stabbed 20 times …. he will surely be missed.

Well we need ghost rock for a filter to purify the lake…. So as we leave we see a house with a figure in the window.
I noticed a sigh on the porch floor indacting that this Gee person is the guy that hurt Henry and Killed Frenchy…… got yelled at by doc but oh well learned something important. Well we head up to see Burning Skies and gave hims some rations ans some weed…..he informs us about Gee and his history…. well we head toward the mine and um Ricky falls in a hole with 2 jokers oh crap an ambush ….. well we kill them all and all of us is in tact. Well we walk up the mountain find some buildings and notice someone is here but cant find him….. well looks like doc and I are going down into the hole……

Ok well doc and I proceed down into this mine …. Its pitch black and we encountered a cyborg oh crap .
Well as we drill the cyborg decided to play games and try and kill us . Between doc and myself we was able to take the beass down ….. Well we get like 75 pounds of ghost rock and proceed up top where apperently the drifters had been having trouble with Gee and the jokers ….. So when we return i have a huge conversation with the doc …. Ok he doesnt approve of my methods but whats normal any more ……. Well we get some stuff from the ace hardware and run into a junker lol hes a bit crazy but maybe i could get a spirit feeder hummmmm. But anyways we talked to the deSerteds to invit them to North Bend but as they was entering Gee and the Jokers appeared…… One more fight down how many more will i encounter how many more will die just like my ………. But any ways i wish Victoria would have told me more about this dragon but i know its personal but i just hope i could help like i couldnt help Leann…….

Ok lets see here well we went wendigo hunting , and I did not know they had wing wow. Humm killed a lot of those. We found a fire truck with the help from a new allie fingers. Dark water was inside the trucks tank, and in the radiator, slowly we got it out and had it moving. Ok Doc drove and plowed over the Gag man Wow. Ok Ricky pulls a what to believe bomb of the front of the truck …. and a new guy shows up and It would be Girshwen's friend. Well the Darkwater is in can foods now . Hummmm . Doc , we just dont see eye to eye here lately.

-Ok people are bring in darkwater with tainted food cans, our crops are basically all dead……Mike is giving some traing to Doc and Fingers on some equipment . We have a plan and are ready but gotta make a run to a storage…… on our way back we run into the jokers yet again , maybe Fingers is right and its time we take care of these guys……We manage to get away and back to North Bend and the Drifters was bumbed on how bad our car looked lol. We it seems Gran is concerned about me I just hope it can be avoided… Phillip gave me great wisdom on the GLOW but on my first day of my test I have a heart attack ….. ugh this is going to be rough.

- tired exhausted and sadden by the lost of comrades, we sealed the mountain killed the lake but The group knows and now im worried if ill live by them.Ricky died fighting till the end.

- Ok Gag man has been bothering North Bend while we was gone. Well a twist has happened Gran is gone and Gag man was shot by Victoria. But he left clues to a location and in the middle of a Ghost storm . Well car trouble and heards of Zombies and unspeakable creatures. We made it to the hotel where Gran is suppose to be, We make it in but the floor gives way and we awake and are clothless and wepons have changed ……… confused and feeling of a world to clean …. THERE IS NO RADIATION OH CRAP. We find out we are in the past and who bring us room service Ricky what is going on here…….

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