A Primer on Runes

Runes are mysterious magical orbs that until recently have been exceedingly rare. They can be imbedded into a person's hand(s) and forehead, which will confer their power on said individual. Some runes grant relatively passive abilities, while others contain spell-like powers that can summon fire or lightning to smite a foe. Weaker runes may slightly increase the user's abilities or grant the use of fiery bolts; stronger ones can call down firestorms or grant invisibility.

A person can install one rune in each hand plus one in the forehead. Doing this requires the Imbed/Remove Rune ritual (see the Rituals page), and it leaves the rune's mark at the location where it is installed. Runes do not take up any body slots, nor do they count towards the Daily Power limit for magic items. When activated, the rune symbol appears over the user and emits a distinctive tone.

There is currently no known way to create runes, so they are considered extremely valuable. They are usually not for sale for any price, though some of the lesser ones are occasionally traded.

Inherent Bonuses

As a person gains more power and skill, their ability to use a rune increases. Divide your level by four and round down; you have this number as an inherent bonus to all rune attack rolls. Or, for the math-challenged:

Level 1-3: +0
Level 4-7: +1
Level 8-11: +2
Level 12-15: +3
Level 16-19: +4
Level 20-23: +5
Level 24-27: +6
Level 28-30: +7

Note that this bonus is in addition to the standard ability score + half level bonus!

Known Runes

This list is far from complete, but it contains a listing of some of the more common rune types.

(Detailed information as well as a more complete list will be available later.)

Fertile Plains


Glowing Hearth

Great Hawk


Sparkling Stream

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