Rules For Editing The Wiki

1. Use good grammar and spelling, and try and have a good format/layout.

If you are going to create/edit pages, please make them readable.

2. Don't delete/edit existing material.

You can add in your own notes, but don't tear anything down without discussing it on the forums or in person.

3. Put new pages in the appropriate areas.

If you are adding a new page about an NPC, put it under the list of "important people" or whatever seems to fit the best.

4. Learn to use the wiki code.

It's not that hard, but learn to use the code so that you don't accidentally screw something up.

5. Use specific page names.

Try to use a relatively specific page name, at least the person's first and last name. "Seneca" is a bad page name, but "Seneca Windforge" is a better one, because it's more specific and less likely to be taken down the road as the site grows.

6. Combine closely related people or subjects onto a single page.

Faewood, Witherpine, and Spikewood don't each need their own pages; instead, create one page to hold them all.

7. Don't be messy.

Don't create unnecessary pages, and don't leave derelict/orphaned pages in your wake, especially if they have memory-eating images on them.

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