Rook's Nest

Rook's Nest is a dirty frontier town — a wretched hive of scum and villainy that currently boasts a population of about 500; that number is growing, especially now that the town is reasonably well established. Prices are high thanks to the difficulty in transporting goods here — a whopping three times higher than listed book price.

1. People in Rook's Nest
a. Rook's Nest has a mayor, appointed by Guardia (as they are the primary ones organizing the effort). Russell Sindar, a human in his late forties, governs the town as best he can.

b. Law and order is left to Captain Michael Blackwell. Blackwell is a disciplined but reasonable member of Guardia's military. He has a force of 10 soldiers that form the full time law enforcement body, with about 20 more part timers that come and go. They're frequently busy and the part timers have a fairly high turnover rate. Occasionally, Blackwell will hire adventurers that seem particularly honest to help keep trouble to a minimum.

c. Dockmaster Kythri is a halfling who is in charge of the harbor. Though small in size, she's tough enough to handle the job. A pair of Giantmen, Dax and Shen, provide additional muscle when needed.

d. Rhubarb T. Crodfoller (he goes by "Rube") is a gnome who is in charge of evaluating airship components that explorers bring in. He is the one who appraises them and determines how much will be paid. For this reason, most people try to stay on his good side.

2. Places in Rook's Nest
a. The Fox Den - A combination of bar, inn, and brothel. Three females and two males work here to satisfy anyone who wants some companionship. For those not looking for sex, the rooms are decent (though not great) and the food is good, so long as you like seafood. It's owned and operated by a crusty human from Guardia that people simply call "Fox."

b. The Deepmug - A bar that is owned and operated by Helja Deepmug (Helja is the daughter of the sister of Belmor, Hyrum's father). While Helja doesn't have much of Belmor's brew on hand, her ale is still excellent and she boasts the finest food available in Rook's Nest. The Deepmug is the favorite place of serious adventurers looking to relax after an expedition, plan their next, or simply eat decent food.

c. The Harbor and Shipyard - The first place new arrivals see. The harbor is always bustling with activity, and the shipyard is currently in late stages of construction. The harbor is the place to go if you are looking to hire a boat to take you to another island. Prices typically start at 100 gp plus 25 gp per day, and can be as much as ten times that amount if going to a far away island.

d. Pauper's Field - A place outside of the town walls that is little more than a large and flat dirt field. Residents who do not have enough money to afford an inn room or other residence in town come here to pitch their tents or sleep under the stars. Because it's outside the walls, it's less than safe…though adventurers are used to the danger, and anything that wanders in is usually dealt with relatively quickly.

e. The Silver Swan - The name is misleading; this place is a den of vice. Sex, drugs, and other shady things are available inside.

f. Berolt's Dry Goods - A general store run by a dwarf named Andorm Berolt and his family. It does good business, but because goods are so expensive to ship in they cost more. Standard adventuring goods cost three times the listed book price. Andorm carries a stock of minor magic items as well, also at three times the standard cost (healing potions are always in high demand).

g. Invar and Ipantor - Usually called I&I, this is the biggest seller of weapons and armor in Rook's Nest. It is owned and operated by a dwarf (Veram Copperfire) and a sylvan (Illithen Aquinas). Their work is known to be of good quality. Both can create fairly simple magical weapons and armor (6th level and lower). Because of the proliferation of rare woods and metals nearby, they only charge a 50% markup over standard prices. Those looking to custom order a weapon had best be willing to wait; backlog means that the typical waiting time is one to three weeks.

h. Town Square - An area where people gather to talk, plan adventures, and sell goods. Small-time merchants set up stalls here to sell goods, and a pavilion with bulletin boards underneath it is a common place for to post messages for those offering jobs, seeking additional team members, or otherwise looking to communicate to the town as a whole.

i. Town Gates - Rook's Nest has an eastern and western gate. Both open shortly after sunrise and close at around 9 to 10 pm (latecomers are allowed in at the guard's discretion). They are flanked by watchtowers equipped with large mechanical torches and there are always guards standing watch.

j. Town Hall - The town hall is one of the largest structures in town; it's a simple but sturdy structure built from wood. Inside, explorers can purchase various permits. The basic permit allows exploration of the Kythera Islands and permits the salvage of whatever may be found there; this costs 50 gp for an individual permit, or 200 gp for a group of up to eight. Permits can also be purchased to allow a group sole access to a particular site (defined by sticking a stake in the ground and using that as the center of a 100 yard diameter circle) for a period of one week; this costs 250 gp. Anything that is identified as an airship component must be turned over to the proper authorities, but explorers will be paid an appropriate reward.

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