Revaniya The Huntress

Revaniya the Huntress

Revaniya is a well known hunter and archer in the Stolen Lands. She was raised in the area and has been working in the region for some time. She spends her time hunting, as a guide, and working as an archer for groups that need her assistance. Revaniya has never been particularly interested in staying in any one area until recently. The growing popularity of the Queendom of Zeltenia recently caught her attention.

Revaniya was originally contacted about working with Zeltenia by Ortharion. He was informed of her skill by one of his spies, who had become familiar with work while "on the job". She has become well known in his contacts since a contract she took a few years ago for Brevoy.

The contract from Brevoy also holds the story for the name the Huntress. Brevoy put out a call for groups of adventurers to go out into the Stolen Lands to deal with roving groups of monsters, like the bands of trolls that caused issues at one point. By the time she arrived to get the charter, all the groups had left. Instead of moving on, she insisted they allow her to try her hand doing the job solo. They finally relented, not expecting much. However, she managed to hunt down and slay as many beasts as the single most productive group did. This prowess led to her being called the Huntress.


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