Player: Tanner


A female of average height with almost her entire form covered in armor and/or cloth wrapping. She wears a pair of goggles and has dark-ish skin and black hair.



Rain and Blackfist

Rain with Pistol

Rain with Swords


"My name is Hides in Shadows. My "white" name is Alison Rain Taylor. These days, I go by Rain. All those other parts are really pretty unnecessary now.

I'm 28. That means when the bombs dropped I was 15. My parents were rich doctors in Deadwood who were also partial owners of a few casinos. I was your stereotypical rich girl and was going to go into the family business. I had even enrolled in a few early medical classes, which turned out to be incredibly useful after the world went to hell. I thought I was real hot stuff back then — I had the latest clothes and a new boyfriend every month or two.

Anyway, after the bombs fell, Deadwood was in chaos. I was a wreck. Everyone started talking about how one of the horsemen of the apocalypse was nearby and this bastard named Tommy whipped a bunch of people up into a frenzy and then sold (!) them a bunch of guns so they could go fight his legions. Turns out that miserable fuck sold them defective weapons that got a bunch of people killed. Not long after that, this blackened corpse walked through the city and blasted everything in sight. No one really knows for sure who it was, but some were saying that it was Raven himself. I don't know, but my parents and I fled the city as quickly as we could.

Fast forward a few years. My parents had been killed by wasteland scum. Since I was alone, I took up with this road gang. The leader and I got along real well, if you know what I mean. I was pretty popular since when they'd go get themselves shot up I was there to plug the bullet holes and sew them back together. I even got my own bike after one of them took a few too many bullets. I can't say I'm really proud of what I did in those days. I didn't participate in the killing much, and we definitely weren't the worst of the bunch. Still, it's one of the darker parts of my past.

Okay, so fast forward another couple of years. Me and the jerk I had been running with (the brainer called himself Blackfist) had a falling out. He's still looking for me, by the way — probably because I took a few parting shots at him as I left and he had some kind of weird code where he had to kill anyone who did that. Whatever, he was a moron and I was young. I took off on my own and became a drifter. I made my living traveling around with trade caravans and such and treating injuries. Doctors are popular no matter where you go, it seems. Anyway, I spent a few years doing that.

Fast forward another couple of years. We're talking late 2092 here. I was running with a group of wasters who were about to crack open a cultist stronghold in Texas. This cult loved to strap innocents down to their little altar and sacrifice them to some kind of ancient Egyptian god…I don't remember which, but it wasn't one of the nice ones. Anyway, the short version is that our little attempt failed — turns out we had counted wrong and the cult was about three times as big as we thought. They were poorly armed, but we had to retreat. Out of the seven of us that we had to begin with, only me and two others made it out. Those guys are persistent bastards, too — I've had to waste good ammo on their hunting parties on at least three separate occasions since. Seems they have the same stupid "code" as Blackfist did.

So anyway, these days I do pretty much the same thing I have for the past few years. I travel around the west, doctor people, and every now and then join a group of idiots who think that they have enough sand to take down the local abomination. Not the best life, but it's worked so far…"

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