As demonic incursions worked ceaselessly to wear down the wardstones that separated Mendev from the demonic minions that inhabit the Worldwound, the councilors of the nation decided drastic action had to be taken. They formulated a plan. A plan to establish a city outside the border of the protective wardstones guarding their nation, a city that would not only work as a waystation for crusaders traveling into the blighted lands of the Worldwound, but also act as a first line of defense against the never ending armies of the vile demons. This city, they decided, would be manned mostly by the figurative walking dead. Expendable people such as thieves, murders, and traitors who, instead of being put to death, would be given a chance to purify their lives by serving a just and noble cause as they defended the rest of the world from destruction. These criminals would be checked by noble volunteers and holy crusaders, men who would be willing to give up their lives in order to stand for their beliefs and protect their fellow man.

That idea was 40 years ago. Now, spawned from those ideas, the expansive, bustling, and weary city of Purgatory stands, its miniature isolated wardstone standing tall to the dark skies around it as the first line of defense against the rising tide of demonic hordes. While it is still officially under the sharp jurisdiction of the Crusaders stationed there, a city that has been filled with death sentenced criminals for the past 40 years is definitely going to have a darker side to it as well.


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