I spent the early parts of my life as a bandit in the River Kingdoms. Never really had a stable home. I spent most of my bandit days in a group called the River Bottom Bandits. They had a bit of a pet name for me: Trapper. My job with them was to step traps and then snipe my prey from the shadows while the others did there thing. After my gang was captured and executed, except for me obviously, I left the region. I ended up doing some work for a group called the Dusk. They had me working with another halfling named Garot. After some time, we left for Brevoy. We got caught stealing some high end merch. We have been assigned to help in the exploration of what are being called the Stolen Lands.


Originally a halfling, Persaver died and was resurrected as a dwarf. While initially shocked by his transformation, he took to it and embraced it. As he became Zeltenia's first spymaster, Persaver enigmatic fame grew and he was known throughout the nation as 'The Shadow Dwarf', with rumors holding that he knew all and saw all.

However, during the capture of the doppleganger Sergat Le'Rou, it was revealed that Persaver was an agent of The Masked Man working to bring down the Kingdom from within. He was being prepared to be taken into custody, but before it could happen he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. His trusted subordinate, Isabella D'Lantree fled from the Zeltenia shortly after, her whereabouts as of now are currently unknown.

Rumor circulate in hushed and anonymous voices in Zeltenia that the Shadow Dwarf still lives and is still forever plotting to overthrow Terra… And that feeling you get whenever you feel you are being watched are his eyes upon you, stalking you from the dark.

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