Pathfinder Military Command Points

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What Are Command Points?

Command Points represent a kingdom's ability to field a standing army. They are a combination of money, resources, logistical power, and efficiency. A kingdom can have military units that exceed its Command Point limit, but each point over the maximum raises a kingdom's Consumption by 5. This consumption increase lasts for at least one turn and fractions are rounded up; it is not possible to save a portion of the cost by only fielding the extra units for a fraction of a month.

Gaining Command Points

A kingdom gains a certain number of Command Points for free based on its size. Beyond that, a kingdom must build Watchtowers, Barracks, Garrisons, and Castles in order to increase the number of Command Points available. A kingdom's Command points may theoretically be infinite, but a kingdom may not field more Command Points worth of units than its Size + 10.

Building Type/Etc Command Point Bonus
Base Command Points 3 + (Kingdom size/10)
Watchtower +1/8 CP
Barracks +1/2 CP
Garrison +1 CP
Castle +2 CP

Certain other resources, npcs, or events may increase the number of Command Points available.

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