Party Treasure - Citybusters

Claiming Items

If you want an item that is not carded, simply edit it out from the page and record it on your character sheet, then make a note of it in the "claimed items" section just below this (mark the date, too). If you want to claim a carded item, make a note that you want it in the "claimed items" section or post on the forums.

Recently Claimed Items

Unclaimed Items



2d6 Bullets (Caliber and type undetermined)

Melee Weapons

Sword (STR + 2d8), AP 3, DB +2 (or 3, if Speed on), Stability 18 - Carded Item, Junker Tech


Light Armor
Heavy Armor

Battery Vest (AV 4, weight 43 lbs), Stability 22 - Carded Item, Junker Tech

Powered Armor


Milrat x3
Fresh Vegetables (3 meals)


Spices (Good Quality)
Cooking Implements (Fine)
Decent Wine (Value $50)
Hand Sanitizer
Wok (Battery Powered)
4 Pencils
Various Condiments and Spices
Cardboard Box C (Marked "Groznjz Grad West Wing")
Pornographic Magazine x3
Splitter Face Paint
Flecktarn Camouflage

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