Elven Magus (Dervish)

Ortharion, Magus Envoy of Kyonin

"Yes my lady?"

"Ah yes I am familiar with the new establishments building in the Greenbelt."

"I agree, it would be a phenomenal opportunity to gain a better understanding of them. Especially of how they built and grow."

"Of course, I would be honored to go. Should I just request to observe, or actually offer my services?"

"As you wish. I shall do my best to fight with the same tenacity with which I serve Kyonin. Do you have a preference as to which of the four I should visit?"

"From what I understand, Zeltenia has quite the blossoming economy. I think they could definitely be receptive."

"If all goes well, would Her Majesty be interested in possibly constructing an Aiudara?"

"They have do seem to have the potential to become both an asset and a great ally. I know many human kingdoms are not what we like to associate with. But we will know after I investigate. I shall report back regularly ma'am. Permission to requisition one of the hawks? More specifically, I'd like to take Tith with me. He served me well in my brief time in the Tanglebriar. I can even use him as messenger when necessary."

"Thank you ma'am. I greatly appreciate both this favor and this opportunity. I will do my best to determine the suitability of Zeltenia and her court. I shall immediately."


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