Ophilia Ephrael Cyrine


Ophilia Ephrael Cyrine was the fourth of four children (and second daughter) born to Sigismund and Albia Cyrine. Merica is her older sister, and the first child. Gallus and Xanthis, her older brothers, were second and third respectively.

The Cyrine family is one of nobility. While not the grandest in the world, they have achieved a good degree of success in their own right. They were primarily merchants, and were fairly rich.

Ophilia never quite fit in to the noble's lifestyle. While not horribly inept and certainly not a black sheep, she didn't possess the same social acumen that most of the rest of her family had. She was more comfortable in a library than a party. In some ways, this would actually wind up being more of a blessing than a curse — her older sister received more praise, but her situation could be compared to a gilded cage; she was expected to take the reins as her parents moved into retirement, but Ophilia was free to make her own decisions and pursue her own goals.

When she was young, she often dreamed about being a hero of some kind — helping people, bringing down tyrants, and safeguarding the weak. This was often met with derision from Xanthis, who was often less than kind to Ophilia during their childhoods.

When she was 18, she decided to seek training at the residence of an allied noble family. The Gaius clan were known for their unique fighting style combining magic and swordsmanship. While they were unsure of how Ophilia would use this training, her parents agreed and a mutually beneficial arrangement was worked out between the two families. Four years later, her training was complete.



Sigismund Cyrine: One of many in the Cyrine line who have done well in business. He has done a good job of generating income for the family and his business acumen is considerable. He cares for Ophilia, but can't help but be a bit disappointed that she won't follow in his footsteps. He is skeptical at best about her career choice.

Albia Ishtan Cyrine: Originally from the Ishtan family, a house of artificers, Albia married into the Cyrine family when she and Sigismund were in their early 20's. The marriage was arranged, but fortunately Albia and Sigismund got along well enough (though it wasn't quite true love at first sight). Like Sigismund, she is skeptical of Ophilia's career choice although she tries to be supportive, at least in private.

Merica Cyrine: Ophilia's older sister and the one who will in all likelihood be Sigismund's successor. Intelligent and attractive, in the noble social circles she is seen as a rising star that will one day lead House Cyrine to greatness. She has been prepared from birth for this task, and while great success surely lies ahead of her she is trapped by her responsibilities. While far from miserable, she is occasionally envious of Ophilia's freedom. Both of them understand the position that each other is in, and they (in most cases) get along, though in the last five or six years both have begun associating with different circles.

Gallus Cyrine: Ophilia's oldest brother and a talented artificer. While not an adventurer, Gallus is very skilled at creating magic items and will surely bring his family great wealth in the future. Of all of her siblings, Ophilia is probably the closest to Gallus, as he shares her arcane talents.

Xanthis Cyrine: Ophilia's older brother. Xanthis seeks to follow in his father's footsteps, and should one day do that job well enough — though unlike Merica, he does not possess the charisma and leadership qualities necessary to lead the house. He has a mean streak, and he and Ophilia never get along. Xanthis has been especially critical of Ophilia's decision to learn the techniques of the Gaius clan, believing her to be unsuited to the task. Needless to say after Ophilia's graduation ceremony took place Xanthis was the first one to receive a picture, complete with a fancy frame. These days, Xanthis and Ophilia have little to say to each other.


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