Olivia Arden

Brief History:
Olivia lived strictly within Ta’Illistim up until she was about 10. She learned many of their ways, and was schooled there. When she had turned 10 she moved to be primarily in Ta’Ardenai.During her preteens up to her 20s Olivia lived and trained in the ways of archery. He noticed that sometimes when she shot an arrow the target would catch fire or freeze solid. It usually only happened when she was outside when she was little or when she was around an animal, but as she got older she learned to control it.

In Character:
"Hey there, the name's Olivia, Olivia Arden. Yeah, I noticed you coming up here, I'm pretty good at that. I'm pretty good at sniffing out exactly what people are doing, wither it be good…or bad." She pulls out her bow and nocks an arrow, "Don't even get me started on my arrows. I can set you on fire all the way from over here. That's not all I can do, but that's all I'm gonna share, can't let you in on all of my tricks." She motions to the Warforged standing near her, "See him? You don't mess with him, alright? He's been through some tough shit. If you try to hurt him, I would say that I would hurt you, but he's more than capable enough of ripping you apart as he is."

"Why am I going to Kythera? Money. There is lots of money to be had up there. I can perform for people, place bets on my archery skills, and even go hunting for some sweet bounty. I can't lose!"

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