Oakhurst was a central location throughout the Areya campaign. In The Age of Darkness, it was little more than an isolated village surrounded by a wooden wall. The very first Big Game started with the PCs walking into Oakhurst in around March of 2003 for the Sunless Citadel module. Oakhurst and the Sunless Citadel itself would become very important places, both in that campaign and in future ones.

During the Age of Darkness, the aptly named Battle of Oakhurst took place here. The forces of good were badly outnumbered and their situation was akin to that of the Alamo. The battle was fought to its inevitable conclusion; the forces of the Triad won.

During The Age of Enlightenment, Oakhurst became a bustling city with strong stone walls and a thriving economy. It was second in size only to Latherian, the capital city of the elves.

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