Numeste Family

The Numeste family has recently become involved in the activities of the party against outside forces. This originally started when the oldest Numeste girl provided information of a coming invasion of Tatzlford by Lord Drelev's forces. Her information was correct and Lady Terra was able to lead a small force against the coming army and defeat them. The Numeste girl then told Terra that her father was being held prisoner by Lord Drelev and that her and her sister had been given over to the Tiger Lord Barbarians as part of a deal with Drelev. She had escaped and asked the group to do what they could for the others.

Terra and the party traveled to Fort Drelev and infiltrated the town. They used guerrilla tactics to defeat a large portion of Drelev's defense forces and then made their way in to Drelev's castle through a secret entrance. While making their way up through the castle, they encountered a prisoner who ended up being Terion Numeste. He was a former high ranking member of Drelev's forces and had been thrown in the dungeon when he attempted to stop his girls from being taken. The party freed him and he led them through shortcuts to the main part of the castle. He then fought beside them against Drelev's forces.

Numeste has been placed in charge of Fort Drelev temporarily as the people trust him and Lady Terra needs someone to run the area until a permanent official can be appointed when the fort is incorporated in to Zeltenia.

Numeste asked the group to find and free his youngest daughter. Terra, Ortharion, and Valeria found the barbarian camp. They attacked/distracted the barbarians and Terra freed the prisoners. The prisoners, all taken from Drelev, were returned to their families. The Numeste family was reunited and is now in Fort Drelev.

Numesti's equipment list:
+2 Breastplate, +2 Longsword, +1 Shortsword, MW Dagger, MW Composite Longbow, +2 Dex Belt, Fire Breath Elixir, Potion of Darkvision, Potion of Lesser Restoration


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