Note On The Wereshark

This is found on the body of one.of the weresharks killed on Bonewrack Isle.

Captain Plugg,

First, allow me to congratulate you on your rise to power. Who would have expected you to turn on your beloved Captain Harrigan so quickly. I would have expected you to lick his boots for at least another few years before trying to make it on your own. Going behind his back and stealing his brand new ship… bold. Bold, yes, though likely very stupid. Running to Squibs is a good idea. It might delay Harrigan's wrath for a while so you can make what is likely a vain attempt at becoming a Free Captain yourself.

Allow me to introduce myself. Henceforth, refer to me as the Voice of the Shackles. My companions and I have one simple goal. Protect this area and the legends that go with it. The Shackles are an infamous region run by only the best and most worthy captains. We intend to make sure that tradition continues. So we have taken it upon ourselves to… test those who wish to join the ranks of Free Captain of the Shackles.

Consider my three friends I sent your first challenge. My informants will be watching how you handle them. Assuming you survive this test, you will most certainly here from me again.

Best of luck
The Voice of the Shackles

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