Nolae Nohkibo

Nolae and Valine Nohkibo were born to Taniec and Melodie Nohkibo in the town of Senara about 23 years ago. Her father Taniec was a wandering performer at that time, and Melodie was often at his every show in Senara, singing while he played instruments and danced.

Valline and Nolae always wanted to be like their parents, and Valine decided to play instruments like his father, and Nolae would sing like her mother. Taniec settled in Senara after his children were born, but he longed for the road once more, and wanted to show his children the world he knew. So he and Melodie decided that they were going to travel around just as Taniec had before, and they loaded up when the twins were about 10 or 11 and traveled around, living off of the money they made performing.

The first time the twins encountered humans who were racist and didn't like Tieflings, they each took it every differently. Nolae took it as she needed to show them that tieflings are no different than anyone else, but Valine took it as that humans were stupid and didn't need to be listened to. Nolae was the only way he could stay calm around humans; her songs and attitude calmed him immensely. They have been travelling the world around them for sometime, and Nolae has wanted to branch out on her own, but hasn't found the opportunity.

They are on their return trip from the north, and the next stop on their list is Sandpoint, for the Swallowtail Festival.

"Hi! Have you come for a show? No, no, don't leave! Wait!! Just let me sing you one song! VALINE! Come play for this nice person!"

"Yeah, okay okay, just calm down Nolae." Valine muttered as he got out his violin and began to play.

"What do you do with a drunken sailor? What do you do with a dru-, no come back! Oh, Damnit! Why do they always leave? Hmf." Nolae began to pout.

Valine went to comfort his sister. He hugged her and looked down at her "Nolae, the humans are stupid creatures, and look down on us. When are you going to realize that? They don't care for us, so we have to care for each other."

Nolae sighed and picked up the hat she had set down for tips "I guess you're right brother. I mean, they can't all be bad, right? I just wish someone would stop and listen to us. It's a good thing dad is well known, otherwise the two of us wouldn't make any money."

Valine chuckled and picked his violin back up and looked at Nolae as he began to play. "I'll summon us up some money if I have to play all night, sister."

Nolae smiled at her brother as she sat the hat back down and began to sing again.

Fun Facts about Nolae (This section is out of play)
Nolae means Song in Korean
Valine means Instrument in Finnish
Meolodie means Melody in German
Taniec means Dance in Polish
No kibo means Of Hope in Japanese

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