Naga Egg

The Naga Egg resembles an over-sized chicken egg denoted by its slight bluish tinge to its shell. It sits at roughly 4 feet in height with a diameter of about 3 feet.

It currently resides with in Arjack's quarters where it is securely strapped in by restraints to an apparatus designed to keep it warm at all times with out producing flames or any combustible material. The design allows for the egg to move and sway with the movements of the ship to help lessen the amount of impact it may receive from any unexpected sources while making sure it is securely held down to prevent it rolling away.

Arjack can be found often studying and caring for the egg in various ways, sometimes taking scraping samples from the egg for study or measuring the warmth it is receiving all over, or even playing music to it on his simple metal harmonica.

As the days have passed on the egg has on occasion been noted to having been moving of its own accord or vibrating at random times. From all of Arjacks measurements and analysis it is certain that the day it is going to hatch is quickly arriving.

Already he has taken to making plans for the construction of a warm water tank for the new born Naga.

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