Mister Plugg

First Mate of the pirate ship Wormwood, "Mister" Plugg is the one who supervises the press-ganged crew members. He is a cruel man who genuinely enjoys making people suffer, and he is the one who ensures that all punishments are delivered. Crossing him is a sure path to needless suffering.

After the attack and capture of the Rahadoum ship The Man's Promise, Captain Barnabas Harrigan put the Plugg in charge of the vessel as an 'acting captain' with the rest of the Wormwood crew, telling him to meet up at Port Peril later. However, it was soon discovered through rumors that Mister Plugg has decided to refit the ship and make off with it, becoming a captain in his own right.

After sending the party to look for supplies on Bonewrack Isle, Mister Plugg forced his hand and took over the ship completely, binding any of the crew members who allied themselves with the party. When the party returned, he led an attack against them with his most loyal followers and Master Scourge, where he lost his life.

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