Mathias Tellier

Session Summaries by Mathias

Bonjour. My name is Matthias. Matthias Tellier. You may call me Matthias. Zis is Jules.
Oui, I have named my rifle. Zis is really more to confuse my enemies than as a term of
endearment. Most any rifle will do. But Jules is ze name of one of my favorite authors so
it seemed like a good choice. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a phenomenal book, one of Jules
Verne's most popular.

You seemed confused, mon cheri… Ah you are unfamiliar with my accent. I am French. Oui,
from France. Oui, I do know some of ze people in ze area supported the NA. What is the old saying?
Frankly mon cheri, I don't give a damn. At zis point we are all in ze same boat.
Metaphorical boat cheri, metaphorical. Nevermind.

Most of my unit that came to fight here in ze States for the SA years ago and simply
decided they would stay after ze bombs. No point in attempting to return home. Most of
us have simply set about the Northwest looking for work, protecting the small remaining
groups from undead and such. We do not care who you sided with back zen. It matters
little now.

What am I good at? Mon cheri, I am good at a great many things. Scouting, shooting, making love.
You blush beautiful, but I am not joking. I am an excellent scout. But do not be concerned,
zis rifle's size is by no means compensatory in nature. Nevermind.

So your lovely town is looking for a scout? I am definitely interested. How much? I am sure
we will think of something. How long? Who knows, mon cheri, who knows. For now take me to
whoever is in charge of zis lovely place and we will come to terms. And zen I will come
find you and will continue our talk.

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