Master Scourge

"Master" Scourge is one of the higher-ups in the ship's hierarchy, though under Mister Plugg, and leads the press gang group that brought the party aboard the ship. Scourge is one of the two officers that the party encounters most often, along with Plugg.

After the capture of The Man's Promise, Scourge became 'acting first mate' to Mister Plugg.

When Mister Plugg attacked the party to try and get rid of them, Scourge of course joined in. However, as he saw Mister Plugg fall before him, he cowardly decided to escape with his life by disappearing into the water via some unknown method. He has not reappeared since.

As an additional note, Ignacious has called into question certain aspects of Scourge's mother. (NSFW)

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