Maegar Varn

Maegar Varn. Maegar is the ruler of the charter immediately to the west of Zeltenia. He has visited the party once or twice with his associates, which include a wizard, and two bodyguards. Varn comes across as a player and almost immediately made a pass at Terra. He has yet to prove either useful or a threat to the group. His area of the Greenbelt is inhabited by centaurs, which he is suppose to try and get a treaty of some kind with.

It appears that Maegar Varn has disappeared along with the rest of Varnhold.

According to the centaurs of the area, his method of dealing with them was essentially to exterminate them. The fact that several centaur hides were found in Varnhold lends some credence to this claim, though it is unknown how the centaurs were treating them in return.

Maegar Varn was killed by Vordecai.


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