Linya Hungarson


“Captain Hungarson! Captain Hungarson!” Fritzwood Dannal, a reporter for the Guardian Herald, called out to Linya as she oversaw a training exercise with her soldiers.

“Yes, my good man? What can I or Eonak do for you today?” she answered as she gave the order to continue without her.

“I need to do an interview for the Guardian Army, and everyone else is too damn busy. Do you have a minute, or are you just gonna send me off like the rest of those pretentious assholes?” he asked nervously. Being a Halfling, Fritzwood often had a bit of an attitude, especially around tall people in positions of power.

“Well with that tone and way of speaking I can see why you would get turned away. I will accept being interviewed though. I doubt any of the others in command would accept.” Linya said in a semi-strict tone.

“Well lets get this going then; I need to get back to my desk.” Fritzwood said hurriedly as he pulled out a pipe and started to smoke. “So, what was your full name? My bosses were pissed the last time I only got part of a name.”

“My name is Linya Hungarson, Captain of the Hammer of Eonak, a squad of soliders in the Guardian Army.”

“Fash'lo'nae lady! I only asked for your name, not your whole rank! Anyways, so I heard that you might be relinquishing your command to Lieutenant…ummm….oh whatever the fuck that guy's name is. Is that true?” Fritzwood finishes his pipe and immediately opens his flask and takes a drink.

“Yes I will be giving my command to Martin Talons, he is under orders to take over after I leave. I have been tasked to a special assignment by General Arden.” Linya said as she observed Fritzwood's drinking with a small amount of distain. “Shouldn't you save that until you aren't working?”

“Hey lady, I don't get paid to take orders from some holier-than-thou woman in shiney armor, I get paid to ask fucking questions. So while you are feeling like you have to talk so damn much, give me some more information about yourself. Where you're from, how you grew up, you know, that kinda shit.” Fritzwood scoffed as he lit another pipe.

“Well I was born here in Guardia. Been here all my life actually. My father Gundar and my mother Ingrid were pretty simple. My father was a smith of weapons, and Ingrid was his wife. I joined up in the service as soon as I was old enough. I wanted to serve my country. One time I was out fighting Seriade and things got pretty bad. I remembered Eonak, the god my father always prayed to. I asked him to save me, and in return I would spread his word. I had a moment of clarity on the battlefield, and the battle was won. That started me up the chain of command, and His power is what helped me get to where I am today. I must admit that the assignment Gen. Arden tasked of me is not ideal, but I will do as my General commands. I am to accompany his daughter Olivia and her friends in their fight against Seriade.”

As Linya finished, she looked up to see Fritzwood staring at her with a look of awe. “Good night lady, you talk way too damn much! I said I was writing an article, not a fucking book! Oh well, I guess it will have to do.” He stood to leave and Linya rose as well.

“You know you really should learn to be a bit more professional if you want to get more interviews.” Linya mused.

“Yeah? Well you should learn how to not be such a stuck up condescending bitch in scalemail!”. Fritzwood yelled on his way out the door.

“What an odd little man. It's like he thinks he has to be louder than everyone to make up for his size.” Linya spoke out loud to herself as she returned to her post. “Alright soldiers, lets make Eonak proud! Back to work!”

Linya wondered what traveling around with her General's daughter would be like, but she would find out soon enough that Olivia would be the least of her worries.

A Week Earlier

“Capt. Hungarson!” Lieutenant Talons stood at attention as he addressed his commanding officer. Martin Talons was a tall human with dark curly hair and tan skin. He was still a bit wet behind the ears, but his prowess on the battlefield was that of an experienced soldier.

“At ease, Lieutenant Talons, Martin, you are a friend. What can I do for you?” Linya smiled at Martin softly as she looked up from her desk.

“General Arden wants to see you at your lesiure. He said it was about a new assignment.”

“Then I shall go at once. I don't wish to make him wait. Martin, can you watch the new recruits train for awhile?” Linya asked as she rose from her desk, her copper hair falling at her shoulders.

“….Ummm yeah… I mean Yes Ma'am!” Martin said awkwardly.

“ Lieutenant Talons, you are dismissed.” Linya ordered as she made her way to General Arden's office.

“General Arden, you wanted to see me sir?” Linya asked as she stood at attention.

General Arden turned from looking out the window, “At ease Captain Hungarson, I have a new assignment for you.”

“Sir, have I done something wrong? I thought I was an excellent captain…” Linya spoke as she sat down in the chair across from his desk.

Ranath Arden laughed as she finished her thought and sat down. “Oh no not at all. You are a damn fine Captain, Linya, a damn fine captain. I have seen your prowess at keeping your squad alive and I know of another group…no, an individual….that needs your help in that reguard.”

“Oh so this is just a reassignment? Got another squad of soldiers that need shaping up?” Linya asked with a cheerful tone in her voice.

“No, not quite. Did you hear about the group of national heroes that recovered a Seriade airship and turned it over to the Army? My daughter is in that group. The other people in the group have show that they are less than capable of keeping her alive. She has died more than once, more than twice. I need someone to keep her safe. You will still get your pay as a captain of the Guardian Army. If you can keep her and her group alive until they complete whatever mission they are off doing, then you can bet you will get a promotion. I am getting old, Linya. I want to retire, but not until I have Olivia safe. Bring her back to me when she is done, and you can have my word that you will be promoted to a Major, provided my superiors allow it.”
Ranath explained this to Linya as he picked up a portrait of Olivia he had drawn up when she was just a little girl, about 10 years of age. A wash of emotions came over his face, but he regained his composure instantly and looked up. “So, are you interested?”

“Let me get this straight, I go with Olivia and her friends and I get to be a MAJOR!?” Linya's eyes grew wide in confusion “I don't see how that is a promotion worthy assignment, sir.”

“They are doing much, much more than just running off into random caves and the like. They are fighting Seriade, and an evil not seen here for many many years. Your particular skill set will prove much useful against it. I would tell you more, but I will leave that to them to prevent spreading of this information and twisting of it. So I ask you one more time, Captain Linya Hungarson, of the Hammer of Eonak, are you interested?” Gen. Arden looked Linya right in the eye for his last statement.

Linya knew that if she didn't take his offer now, that she would not get the chance again. She thought long and hard about what she said next, then two words trickled out of her mouth slowly, purposefully.

“I accept.”

Gen. Arden stood up, and so did Linya. Gen. Arden spoke “Good. Pack your bags, you leave the next time Olivia passes through. It could be tomorrow, it could be in a month. You must be ready at a moment's notice.”

“Yes sir! Permission to leave to pack, sir?” Linya returned to attention at once.

“Permission granted, Captain. You are dismissed!” Gen. Arden said as he returned to his commanding demeanor. “Go pack up soldier, and may your god Eonak bless your travels.”

“Thank you sir!” Linya said as she exited his office.

The Next Day

Linya sought out Lieutenant Talons at mess hall the next day.

“Permission to sit, Lieutenant?” Linya said with a smirk

“Hmm…. I don't know, Captain, you tell me.” Martin replied with a mouth full of food

“As long as you chew your food before you talk next time.” Linya said as she sat down with her lieutenant. “I spoke with General Arden about my assignment.”

Martin made sure to chew his food this time before he spoke, “And? What are we doing?”

Linya smiled, “Oh, I'm getting reassigned and you are getting promoted to Captain, nothing too big.”

Martin coughed and choked on the roll he was eating “Cap…Captain?! Are you serious?!”

“Shh! Keep it down! The announcement won't run until tomorrow. I wanted to give you a heads-up. I'm going to be traveling with a group who is fighting Seriade in a more…direct manner than traditional troops can.” Linya shushed her friend to keep his voice down.

“Cap…Linya, please be safe. I don't want to have to keep your job forever.” Martin looked up from his food and looked at Linya.

“Don't worry Martin, when I come back, you can still keep the position, I'll just be a step above it.” Linya said as she finished her food and got up to take her tray to the kitchen window.


Linya sighed as she sat at her desk in her office.

She had a lot to do now that all this business with the moons was over…. a lot more. General Arden had retired and a new general had been appointed. She fingered the nameplate on her desk. It read Major Linya Hungarson. She looked at the file laying on her desk, the one that never left the spot it had upon it. Captain Martin Talons: KIA.

It seemed like just yesterday when she saw one of the six toss him into room, lifeless. Nothing she knew could have saved him. Olivia died too. In one fell swoop her mission had failed, and her future had been taken from her. She had hoped that eventually her name plate would have read Major Linya Talons.

She leaned back in her chair and took a drink from the whiskey that she kept on the desk. Once she detested drinking, but now she did it out of need. Everyone under her thought she was a hard ass, but she really just had a hard heart, or as hard a heart as a Cleric can have. Sitting at the desk, looking around the room, she couldn't help but feel she was meant for more than this. More than being a major…perhaps a general? She took another sip from the whiskey and opened the file for the infinite time, looking over it and letting her mind wander.

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