Lily's Journal

Wormwood Conscription

Day 1

Assigned to the rigging crew. Worked hard to avoid being targeted by anyone for harassment. At night, I discreetly investigated the ship, finding out that our gear was taken to the quartermaster's shop.

Day 2

Silver and I were attacked by a couple of bullies who thought he was easy prey. I knocked one unconscious (Fipps Chumlet) and beat up the other one (Jaundiced Jape) enough to get him to flee; I hid Fipps' dagger and proceeded to do ropework all day. At night, I scavenged around and managed to find 3 gp.

Day 3

On day three, I was assigned to be the lookout, and did well. At night, I managed to find some flint and steel and a grappling hook. Nothing significant happened.

Day 4

I was assigned to repair the rigging and managed to do a good job again. Jack Scrimshaw came running out of the lower decks complaining that he'd been bitten by something. That asshole Plugg made Silver, myself, and some others go down into the bilge and find the problem. It turned out to be some dire rats, which we handled well enough. We also found some gear that had been forgotten down there: 3 heavy maces, 1 suit of leather armor, and something else. At night, I scavenged around more, but only found 3 silver.

Day 5

I had lookout duty again, with nothing important happening during work. At night, Plugg brought out his "pet", a huge man named Owlbear Hartshorn. He's a retard who was kept chained in the middle deck. Plugg wagered 100 gp to anyone who wanted to fight him. I volunteered, and beat him fairly handily with a few solid hits. I'm now considerably richer and should be able to get my gear back from the quartermaster.

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