Liliana Masters

Lily's Journal


Born in the city of Diobel on the Island of Kortos, Liliana Masters was the daughter of a fisherman and a seamstress, both fairly successful at their chosen professions. With a large collection of shipwrecks in the water near the shore, Liliana ("Lily") spent a decent portion of her childhood climbing all over them and pretending to be (or fight) a pirate.

Ironically, this would later come true. Around the time Lily was 15, she ran afoul of a pirate crew that had chosen to dock in Diobel under the guise of being normal merchants. Seeing her as an easy target, a group of them incapacitated her with an ether-soaked rag and took her aboard their ship, the Greyknife.

Needless to say, life for her over the next several years was hellish. Lily was made to clean up after the crew of whatever ship she happened to be on (she was traded a couple of times), and pirates are not known for their cleanliness. She suffered a great many indignities, and that turned her into a bitter young woman.

Three years later, her ship (the Grizzly Slash) engaged the ship of a free captain of the Shackles, the Screaming Raven. The Screaming Raven was winning the battle. The crew of the Grizzly Slash had been particularly cruel to Lily, and she seized the opportunity to grab a fallen pirate's sword (a falcata) and began carving up her former jailors. When the battle was dying down the captain of the Screaming Raven, a man by the name of Vanir Nukon, boarded the Grizzly Slash and walked over to a crowd of his men. They were watching Lily, who was furiously hacking away at the already-dead body of the captain of the Grizzly Slash, Rynech Tukow.

After that incident, Vanir offered Lily a place aboard his ship…not as something akin to a slave, but a regular crewmember. Lily spent the next several years there learning how to fight and sail a ship.

A few more years passed, and Lily and the Screaming Raven engaged another ship in a pitched battle. The Screaming Raven came out the victor, but the ship was badly damaged and was forced to limp back to Port Peril to make repairs. Unfortunately, on the way back, a familiar looking ship approached — it was the Greyknife, and it was gaining on the damaged ship quickly. Worse, a storm was approaching, making the impending battle even more perilous.

The Screaming Raven put up a valiant fight, but in the end, there were simply too many foes for the battered crew to face. Near the end of the battle when only a few crew members were left, Vanir shoved a small airtight keg into Lily's arms and shoved her overboard, shouting something about her being young and how she deserved to see at least a few more years before her end.

Spitting curses, Lily began furiously swimming for the shore, a few arrows zipping into the water as she made her escape. Despite getting away from the battle, the sea is not a good place to be during a storm; things were looking bleak, but Lily was not going to be defeated so easily. The next morning, she awoke on the shore near Port Peril, coughing up seawater.

A few weeks later, she walked into a tavern called the Formidably Maid, looking for another ship in need of crew…

After many harrowing experiences, including overthrowing Mister Plugg and Master Scourge, taking Tidewater Rock, and finding the lost treasure at Mancatcher Isle, Lily earned a chance to become a free captain of the Shackles and succeeded. One of her first moves was to ally with Tessa Fairwind and agree to help her root out rumored Chelish spies. Her fleet of three ships recently sailed off to complete this task…

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