Light Armor Vest 2

Light Armor Vest
Armor (Building)
TN: 3
Chemical 10%
Structural 10%

Final Product: A light armored vest with a power jack, 2 yards of spirit cable, and four mounts for batteries up to 28 GR in size (battery prices listed at the bottom). Armor is AV 1 to the guts and a weight of just under 11 pounds. Note that the weight can be mitigated by a raise on the construction roll, about 1 pound of reduction per raise.

Each AV uses up 10% of the slots in the frame being armored. 1 slot = 2 lbs of armor.

Step 1 (Sizing): The vest is Frame size 4 to fit the torso. The vest has 54 slots. Human sized cargo space takes 64 slots, and the torso is about half that, so 32 slots need to be dead space.

Slots: 32 / 54

Step 2 (AV): AV 1; 5.4 slots used. This weighs about 10.8 pounds.

Slots: 37.4 / 54

The armor power here has a frame size of 1 so the Construction TN is 4. Raises can improve the AV (costs frame size of total device in slots, or +4) or lighten the armor (-10% slots to mount it, or about 1 lb of lightening).

Overall Vest: 10
Armor Power: 1 Chemical, 1 Structural

Power Jack: 2 Slots. This power jack is for G-rays.

Slots: 39.4 / 54

Spirit Cable (2 yards): Takes no slots, but takes 2 ounces of ghost rock and 2 structural components.

Battery Mounts: Four mounts, each can mount up to a 28 GR battery.

Slots: 53.4 / 54

0.6 Slots leftover

Component Cost
Frame (10 Structural) $20
3 Structural $6
1 Chemical $7
2 oz. Ghost Rock $20
Total $53

Cost for batteries is listed below; this is assuming you are making four 28 GR batteries to fill the mounts on the vest:

Battery Component Cost
12 oz. Ghost Rock $120
12 Structural $24
Total $144

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