Light Aid Pack

Light Aid Pack
Power: Healing
TN: 5 + 1 = 6
Chemical: 10%
Electronic: 10%
Mechanical: 10%
Drain: 10

Aid packs use all of the slots in the frame size; in this case, the frame size is 1 and slots used is 7. All aid packs have built-in power jacks. Using one in combat takes two actions; the pack is placed against the wounded area and at the end of the second action, the wound is healed.

Characters healed with an aid pack must make a Spirit roll at a TN of 3 + 1 per wound level healed or gain a random mutation.

This pack is not reusable, but an empty pack can be recharged by using the Healing power on it again. This takes the normal roll, 15 minutes, and a fresh batch of chemical components.

Component Cost
Frame (3 Structural) $6
1 Chemical $7
1 Mechanical $5
1 Electronic $10
Total $28

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