Leon Guerrero

Hola senor. I must apologize. But I must ask you to take off that gun belt. I can not take the chance on you trying to shoot me or getting away. See mi amigos and I need the supplies you are transporting. I regret that you must lose your cargo, but it is essential to our mission. This ammunition you are carrying to the Foreign Legion post will be quite useful against them. Ah, I have given myself away…

Si, I am one of them… Allow me to introduce myself and mi amigos. We are Juaristas, the men of Benito Juarez, rightful Presidente de Mexico. What we are taking from you will be used to help re-secure that spot for our esteemed leader. Who am I? Senor, I told you, I am a Juarista. That is more than enough information for you.

I must thank you again for your… assistance in this matter. Your donation will do a great deal to assist us. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!! VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!

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