Laughing Blood

Have you heard the stories?

They say you can see him by the side of the road on a rainy day smoking from a worn pipe… or wandering the countryside on his horse, riding it backwards like a crazy person.

You would know if you see him… He looks more like a bear than a person after all… In fact, some say no one has ever seen him without his costume on… A big parka of animal skins he wears no matter what the weather, adorned by an animal's skull that hides his features.

The Natives speak of him often. Of Laughing Blood. They whisper of him as a strong shaman… A strong Heyoka, whatever that means… They say he was taught by the shaman elder Fallen Days… Taught to speak and commune with the spirits of the Earth… Taught by one of the most powerful shamans in recent history, or so they say. In fact, no one knows what happened to the Laughing Blood's ancient teacher… Some say he still lives in a secret location… Others say he walked into the Hunting Grounds as if he knew what he was doing and never returned… Though other rumors say he died… Killed by Laughing Blood’s own mystical knife.

They say only Laughsn Blood knows the truth… And rumor states he is just as enigmatic as his teacher.

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