Landathraion Eduine

High Seat of Kyonin's Council, Landathraion Eduine helps direct Kyonin's policies along with the rest of the council when Queen Telandia Edasseril is busy.

A soft spoken and polite man, Eduine is the pinnacle of gentlemanly reserve and grace. He often uses his weight in the Council to help pass various measures to help insure Kyonin's protection as well as extend the hand of friendship to other nations.

Due to a series of unfortunate misunderstandings stemming from ignorance with elven customs and selfishness, the fledgling nation of Zeltenia denounced the generous helping hand Eduine graciously tried to extend to them on behalf of the more established Kyonin. This lead to an unfortunate and drastic banishment of all Kyonin elves from the nation of Zeltenia.

Eduine has remarked since then that he is truly sorry for what transpired, and it was his fault for not keeping in mind the delicate sensibilities young and less established nations tend to have. He does hold out hope that relations with Zeltenia would not sour completely, and has openly announced that any Zeltenian elf that feels unsatisfied is more than welcome within Kyonin's civil and lawful borders.


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