Kythera Islands

General Information

The Kythera Islands are a small chain of islands that have only recently been discovered. They lie north of Guardia and the Northern Wildlands.

There are four major islands and dozens of small ones. The major ones (from west to east, Circe, Aethalia, Behringa, and Mytilene) are still quite small compared to the major landmasses, but all have a diameter of approximately 15 to 20 miles. The smaller islands range from about a mile in diameter down to just a few hundred yards.

Because the water in and around the islands is shallow, ships are prone to running aground and bottoming out on coral reefs and other underwater dangers; smaller vessels are best for navigating the area. The problem is that they are so far out to sea that small vessels capable of navigating the islands tend to have trouble making the journey to the islands on the open sea. Aethalia has a harbor capable of accepting large ships, so often times people make the journey to Aethalia on a large ship and use smaller ships to travel from island to island. These small transport ships are always in demand; fortunately, Aethalia's shipyard is almost completed, and when it's done the various shipping companies should be able to supply adequate transport to the adventurer's and explorers who have traveled there.

Exploration Effort

Ever since The Sprocketfires successfully constructed an airship three years ago, Guardia has been desperate to construct more. Two years ago, the Kythera Islands were rediscovered (they had previously only been mentioned in a few obscure history books) and Guardia sent an expedition there to see if anything useful could be found. It wasn't long before long-lost magical items began to surface, and by a stroke of luck, some of them appeared to be parts from ancient airships. Needless to say, Guardia immediately organized an effort to colonize Aethalia.

Other nations joined with Guardia in this effort, though Guardia maintains the largest presence. Burland, Isis, Verraine, and even the reclusive Sylvankind of Gardenbur joined in. The Elven Nations have expressed great interest, but so far have only been able to send a few token teams of explorers, due to the fact that they are fighting Seriade.

Early on, the Sprocketfire's airship Cloud Runner made repeated trips to the island, shipping people, food, and other supplies there. These days, the few airships that exist are being used to keep Seriade from expanding. In the future, Guardia hopes to build a real fleet of flying warships, but for now there are only three airships in the world aside from the Cloud Runner.

The Four Major Islands


A deeply forested (almost to the point of being a jungle) island. It is the westernmost island in the Kythera Island chain.

Most efforts have focused on Aethalia for the time being, so Circe is mostly unexplored. The few people who have been there report that it is full of dangerous plant life. Few have managed to stay long enough to mount expeditions to the island's core.

Some have claimed to have caught glimpses of gnolls on the island, but this has yet to be confirmed. Gnolls are largely extinct on the main continents of Teras, so many are reluctant to believe such claims.


A moderately forested island. It is the second westernmost island in the Kythera Island chain, and the one that has seen the most explorers. The eastern portion is covered in a swamp, caused by low elevation.

Aethalia sports the only large harbor in the Kythera chain. Because of this, it is the base of operations for the exploration effort. The frontier town of Rook's Nest has quickly grown around the harbor; it sports several shops, boarding houses, inns, brothels, and many other businesses that exist to service the explorers and adventurers who have come to the islands to strike it rich. It's a bit of a rough place though, so greenhorns are advised to be on their guard.

Aethalia is the safest of the four major islands. There are roaming bands of zombies and skeletons, particularly in the swampy eastern area; three months ago, a dedicated effort to clear them out began, but they quickly repopulated - some speculate that they are emerging from underground caves or structures. A tribe of lizardfolk live in the swamps as well, and are mostly hostile to explorers (some believe that the lizardfolk are responsible for the undead returning). A few nests of kruthiks are known to exist on the island, and there is an active bounty on these nasty creatures.


A swampy island. It is the second easternmost island in the Kythera Island chain.

With the exception of the island's center, which is dryer than the rest of the island, Behringa is a swampy mess. Not much is known about it, since the swamp makes investigating difficult and there are easier places to look that haven't been picked over. Lizardfolk have been spotted here, as well as vicious crocodiles, undead, and even (according to some) a few hydra.


A rocky, volcanically active island. It is the easternmost island in the Kythera Island chain.

Mytilene has almost no plantlife, and there are active lava flows and lava tubes running down from the volcano in the center of the island. A few expeditions have investigated, but so far haven't found much of anything. Still, a few people believe that there might be some sort of underground complex here, so every now and then a group of adventurers come here to look around.

Mytilene is dangerous, being populated by creatures of magma and stone. The inexperienced are advised to avoid this place.

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