“I am KirkLance. I and my family come from the southern region of Brevoy where my grandfather as did my father attained military prestige both training under Aldori Swordlords. I was destined to reach this greatness as a warrior. It was what I was born to achieve, however, I struggled with the authority that comes with being a soldier. I am not one to be commanded. I never rose to ranks within the military landscape for it is as political as any other institution. I lacked the apparent coyness and tact that is required to navigate in such volatile circumstances. Integrity and strength in combat while only succeed you so far in a sphere when titles can be bought. I then terminated my service after several years much to my family’s dismay and disapproval. Nonetheless, I shall make my own journey to my own glory. I am more than willing and certainly more than capable. I will accept the challenges that this adventure presents and throughout my individual quest I will reach the magnitude of my fathers.”

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