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Contact Lily Teskerton

Contact Lily Teskerton at the local brothel. Wants fine elvencrafted jewelry of good quality. She believes there is an elven ruin in the Narlmarches, and will offer "free service" in return.

Update: The elven artifacts were found in an abandoned keep, and were turned in for a reward (a coat that counted as a Cloak of Protection +1).

Hodag Stole My Spear

A Hodag allegedly stole Stas's spear near a cave in I-1.

Update: The Hodag is dead and the spear is reclaimed; reward still needs to be claimed.

Missing Child

Missing child of the parents who work at the Exotic Shop. The child's name is Tig, and he liked to collect "pets" on the river banks. He went missing, and the parents are concerned that an alleged "witch" has taken him.

Update: The "witch" was just a crazy old woman who was a friend to Tig. She suggested that we look in a tower, or with the lizardmen to the west. It turns out that the latter was where Tig had been held, and he was returned to the city with much fanfare.

"That Damn Turtle"

In a good fishing spot on the eastern side of the Tuskwater, a turtle known locally as "Old Crackjaw" has taken up residence, and this poster wants him to be killed or run off.

Completed: The turtle was dispatched easily enough.

Wanted: Shamblesap

Bokkun wants shamblesap, probably from a shambling mound.

Update: Shamblesap delivered.

Wanted: Troll Blood

Local alchemist want's troll's blood.

Update: The troll's blood was acquired and turned in for a reward of 1,200 gp in potions.


Wolf problems occuring near the city, with a worg leading them (Howl of the North Wind). The worg used to accept bribes to leave people alone, but has since stopped, and is currently murdering people.

Completed: The worg was dispatched and the wolves scattered. A reward from Restov was received shortly after.

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Kirklance defeated a werewolf in single combat.

Rattlecap Mushrooms

The witch who was friends with Tig wanted Black Rattlecap Mushrooms. They were acquired and given to the witch to the tune of 150 gp per mushroom.

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