A nosy, enthusiastic young man who was last seen at Oleg's Trading Post before the founding of Zeltenia. He seems very interested in learning new things and always carries a book with him to record his findings. He is very protective of his book, and doesn't seem to want to let anyone see it. Ken is now a man whore.

"Hold on… I know I got my stats somewhere here…
Here they are! I'll bring them over immediat-"
"…. Whoops."

Ken had a variety of occupations and experiences prior to coming to the Zeltenia area. He keeps a record of all of these experiences in his journal. Since arriving in the kingdom he has added a few new experiences to his list. He worked for a time for Oleg in the trading post, some of the time helping his wife with the cooking, etc. He also worked in Jindark a few places. He worked in the inn, also got fired for breaking things. His most interesting occupation that the group knows of so far has been working in the brothel. He spent a fair amount of time working as a male whore. He seemed to enjoy the experience, but alas, like all Ken's jobs he broke something. The group is unsure as to what he broke, but the possibilities are endless and many are incredibly concerning. Since breaking any number of incredibly awkward things while working as a whore, Ken has applied to work in the treasury department of the Kingdom. Aurellia imagined this might happen at some point and had made it known to her people that he was not to be hired.

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