Junker Items

Junker Item Rules

Component Information
Construction Table
Frame Sizes
Stability Rolls

Junker House Rules

Weapons (Red)

Double-Barreled Rail Gun
Energy Sword
Halberd - AP 2, Speed 0, DB +4
High Capacity LMG
Junker Crossbow
Knife 1 - AP 5
Laser Pistol, Large
Laser Sniper Rifle
Laser Sniper Rifle 2
Lightning Rifle
Rocket Launcher - Includes specs for rockets to fire from it
Stun Tonfa
Sword 1 - AP 3, Speed 0, DB +3

Armor/Protective Devices (Blue)

Arm and Leg Armor - AV2 Arms/Legs
Heavy Armor Suit - AV2 + Climate Control
Light Armor Vest - AV1 for Guts, cargo space
Light Armor Vest 2 - AV1 for Guts, batteries + power jack

Recovery/Healing (Green)

Light Aid Pack
Heavy Aid Pack
Serious Aid Pack
Critical Aid Pack
Maimed Aid Pack-

Small Medkit

Other (Yellow)

Conventional Ammo Chart
Explosive Crossbow Bolts - Small
Explosive Crossbow Bolts - AP Warhead
Flash Bolts
Sniper AP Rounds
Spook Juice

Related Items (Standard White Index Cards)

G-ray Collector
Spirit Batteries

Note: Related items do not have to worry about Stability rolls.

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